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The San Diego Chargers Cheated... and Still Lost to the Denver Broncos

According to Jay Glazer, the NFL is investigating an incident that occurred Monday night in which a San Diego Chargers trainer provided players with "Stick-em" throughout the game.

Jeff Gross

My first reaction to this story was, "So what?".

The Chargers wide receivers weren't the issue in the game on Monday night against the Broncos. Philip Rivers' poor judgement, under thrown balls, and Eddie Royal quitting on routes was the major culprit for their second half demise.

On a more serious note, though, this casts a huge cloud over the San Diego Chargers. Not only are they a joke of an NFL team, right now... they're a "cheating" joke of an NFL team.

Expect the NFL to come down hard on San Diego, very soon. Cheating isn't taken lightly in this league.

We'll keep you updated when the punishments are announced.