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Denver Broncos Week 7 Rookie Report

The Broncos had a bye week but there were other rookies who made an impact in Week 7.

Al Bello

The Broncos had the week off but so far our rookies have been alright. Derek Wolfe has been a great addition to the defensive line. He has been able to create pressure up the middle which is something the Broncos have lacked.

I, like everyone else, is really hoping soon Ronnie Hillman gets more reps. He has improved his blocking which was the missing piece and now that he is getting better at it, we should soon see some explosive downhill running by the Hill man!

ROBERT GRIFFIN - The rookie phenom looked like he lead his team to an upset win over the division rival Giants with a 258 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. RG3 is without a doubt the rookie of the year leader right now and is even taking in some NFL MVP talks.

CHANDLER JONES - Chandler Jones and four tackles and a pair of hurries against the Jets. Still looking like the best defensive player so far. Leads all rookies with 5 sacks.

ALFRED MORRIS - Alfred Morris had his first career fumble but still rushed for his 3rd 100 yard game of the season. Morris had 120 yards against the Giants. Morris is the true definition of a diamond in the rough. He is a yard back of the league lead in rushing.

CASEY HAYWARD - The Green Bay corner has been very good as of late and according to the numbers from Pro Football Focus, he has been the top ranked rookie corner.

MATT KALIL - Pro Football Focus has opened my eyes to how good this tackle has been for the Vikings. Through week 7 he has given up no sacks, seven hurries and two hits.

ANDREW LUCK - Luck had two rushing touchdowns and went 16-29 for 186 yards against the Browns.

JOSH GORDON - Josh Gordon, the second round pick in the supplemental draft continues to impress. He had 2 catches for 59 yards and a touchdown to make it four on the season.

DOUG MARTIN - Doug Martin ranks second of all rookies in yards from scrimmage with 553. He had 85 yards and a touchdown and 37 receiving yards last week.