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Trades the Denver Broncos Should Look to Make: Julius Thomas

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

While talking to a few of the Saints writers, they expressed interesting for Julius Thomas, many of them were big fans of his coming out of college. Due to the injury history their tight ends have suffered recently, they have been discussing adding a physical tight end to their roster, and trading for Thomas would be a better option for them than drafting another tight end.

Now currently Thomas is sitting at the #4 spot in the depth chart and isn't likely to see much playing time this season. But despite this the Saints writers were still fans of his. Taking this knowledge I went out to see if other teams had any interest in him, here's the results of my search:

New Orleans Saints:

- 6th rounder that can conditionally rise to a 5th rounder if Thomas tops 20 receptions.

Thoughts from their writers:

The Saints are a downfield passing team that doesn't look for their tight ends to block inline, instead it's almost as likely to see a tight end lineup away from the line. Thomas seems to have the skill set that fits our offense and with his size and speed, would make a good addition even with the return of Jimmy Graham.

Arizona Cardinals:

- 5th round pick

Thoughts from their writers:

The Cards are largely devoid of speed at tight end, and while the offensive line is not exactly great right now, having a tight end who can catch a deep ball in the seem would be great. While (Todd) Heap and (Jeff) King are decent tight ends, one is over the hill (Heap) while the other hasn't performed up to his potential (King). Thomas would add a high potential player, and while I wouldn't give much for him, it's better than cutting him right?

New York Jets:


- 5th rounder

Thoughts from their writers:

Our team has no real speed, especially down the seem, and while it's clear Thomas has a history of injury, the potential of a deep seem tight end to compliment Dustin Keller would be nice, and while I doubt there is much value to him since he's struggled since joining the NFL, the potential would be worth a late round pick.

So what do you think, any of these offers worth a look, or does Thomas' draft spot mean the Broncos should keep him around?