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Trades the Denver Broncos Should Look to Make: Tracy Porter


After the success I had with finding a market for tight end Julius Thomas, I went out and wanted to look for a market for other Broncos players. After a lot of talking and discussion, the player the Broncos would be most willing to part with was Tracy Porter. Now if this was just three weeks ago I'd be slightly less willing to part with Porter, but after impressive performances by Chris Harris and Tony Carter two weeks ago, the more I'm comfortable with trading Porter.

Now when talking to these teams' writers there were a few concerns that existed for all of them, so to save space and condense their responses to one list:

- Porter's healthy was a massive concern, if he could stay healthy most teams felt he was worth a 2nd round pick
- Porter's inconsistency in terms of coverage, makes huge plays but then will get lost for most of the game
- Porter's ability to play in the slot has been seriously questioned because of his past two seasons

But most teams like Porter's speed and the fact he's still young.

Jacksonville Jaguars:

- 3rd round pic k

Thoughts from their writers:

The Jags are just so in need of talent, and while offering a mid round pick that could be used on talent around Gabbert, any help now for a high potential player like Porter would be great. I hate his contract, but in the end, the addition of a talented corner is tough to pass.

Carolina Panthers:

- 4th round pick

Thoughts from their writers:

Porter is a player we hoped would come here during the off-season since he would fit the system well and has the talent to help this defense that needs speed.

Chicago Bears:

Offering:5th round pick

Thoughts from their writers:

While Porter doesn't fit the system well, we talked about how much we liked his physicality and ability to play man coverage when he needed to. In this system having role players is important, and while we wouldn't give much for him, if you are dumping him, we'll give you a mid rounder for him.