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2012 NFL Week 8 Picks -- MHR Staff Vs Reader Competition

3-3-1 by weeks. Staffers ahead in overall games. Who will win this week?


Denver versus New Orleans. Staffer versus Reader. This weekend in the NFL promises to be another shoot out. Staffer Colby Mueller dominated the Week 7 picks with an unbelievable 12-1 record. This puts the Staffers in the overall lead, though both sides have each won 3 weeks and tied once. This week our reader is that MHR member known as ThollHouse88. ThollHouse88writes:

My name is Chris, I'm 24 y/o and I live in Casper,Wy. I have been a Bronco fan since I started to really get into football at the age of 12. Since I wasn't a fan until after the Super Bowl victories, I feel like if the Broncos are fortunate enough to win another in my lifetime it will be similar to what those of you felt who remember SB32. My goal for this is basically to not lose the contest for everybody. If I can match the staffer this week I will consider it a win.

ThollHouse88 will be competing with Zach Eckels. Zach writes:

Hello Broncos fans. I'm Zach Eckels. I'm originally from western Kansas and actually grew up the same distance from Denver as Kansas City. Luckily I was smart enough to know that the Chiefs were from Missouri so there was no excuse not to be a Broncos fun. Unfortunately, all my friends growing up weren't as smart and it resulted in a lot of fights (including the time I had my brand new John Elway shirt ripped off me by my best friend following a glorious Broncos win over the Chiefs). Other than the Broncos, I'm a huge K-State fan who married a KU fan. We both love Chris Harris though and named our 6-week old son Myles after the Broncos mascot. Go Broncos!

And now, onto the picks.

Byes: Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Houston

Tampa Bay@Minnesota

ThollHouse88: Minnesota: Adrian Peterson is officially back! Tampa Bay, although they put up a fight against New Orleans, had no answer for Brees, and I don't see them having an answer for Peterson.

Zach: Tampa Bay. I'm still not convinced that the Vikings are legit. Their win over San Francisco impressed me, but that's about it. Tampa Bay has kept their games close though, and played the two teams one common opponent (Redskins) better, so I'm betting on former K-Stater Josh Freeman for the upset.


ThollHouse88: I regret drafting Cam Newton with my first pick in my fantasy league. And I will keep kicking myself after the Bears get 5+ sacks

Zach: Chicago. I feel dirty picking them. I don't want to talk about it.

San Diego@Cleveland

ThollHouse88: This might be the only team the Chargers want to see after the embarrassment that Manning handed them. If the terrible Browns win this game then it will be time to clean house in SD. But they have too much talent to lose this one.

Zach: Not even the Chargers can mess up facing a team like the Browns after a bye week. How great would it be if they did though?


ThollHouse88: This one will be close, but Seattle's defense will be in Stafford's face all day and the Lion's defense isn't good enough to slow down Marshawn Lynch

Zach: I have no clue who the Seahawks are this year. But I do know the Lions are about as dysfunctional as it gets. Even though my instincts tell me the Lions should win, they'll find a way to lose (if the Seahawks don't just straight up beat them).

Jacksonville@Green Bay

ThollHouse88: The Packers should buy the schedule makers dinner for putting this game on there. This is the perfect game for them after hearing about Woodson's injury.

Zach: I'd go this way if the Jags were healthy... but with Jones-Drew out and Gabbert expected to play with a torn labrum in his left shoulder (because no matter how awful he is, he's better than anything else they have), this should be the easiest pick of the week.

Miami@New York Jets

ThollHouse88: Miami's defense is better then we think. If they can win everybody will be talking about how long Sanchez has left rather than how good Miami is.

Zach: I'd love to pick Miami here, but the Jets won a close game in Miami in Week 3 and they'll beat them at home this week.


ThollHouse88: The Eagles took the bye week to work on turnovers. Here is a good test to see if they improved. But I still think Matt Ryan will the best qb playing after Manning, Brady, and Brees retire, it's fun to watch him grow.

Zach: The Eagles have been losing close games, Atlanta has been winning them. They're both coming off a bye week so I don't expect this to change.


ThollHouse88: The Steelers have a huge opportunity to get closer to Baltimore in the North, but I feel like they will underestimate RG3 and he will be the best fantasy player this week.

Zach: I have a feeling RGIII is either going to learn to slide and get rid of the ball or he'll be hurting after this one.

New England@St. Louis

ThollHouse88: Arizona looked terrible against the Vikings and they wont look much better against that maddening hurry-up pats offence.Tom Brady 400+ yards 4td

Zach: I feel dirty again. Funny note: There are two common opponents, Arizona and Seattle. Both lost to St. Louis and beat New England.


ThollHouse88: Huge division game in the middle of the season. Luck has had some trouble on the road, but I think he puts together the best game of his young career against Tenn.

Zach: I'm clueless on this one. Both have big wins and terrible losses... So, when all else fails, go with the home team.

Oakland@Kansas City

ThollHouse88: The Brady Quinn era begins nicely against OAK. Jamal Charles gets 150+ yards and OAK continues to regret giving up so much for Palmer

Zach: Kansas City is in terrible shape right now. Their fans are revolting (actually discussing ways to protest the team) and Brady Quinn will be their starter. Both teams are terrible this year, but the Chiefs are actually more dysfunctional and Arrowhead won't pose the threat it usually does with the fanbase crushed.

New York Giants@Dallas

ThollHouse88: The Cowboys looked good against them in week 1 but the Giants have gotten alot better since then. The Giants want revenge and they get it, but it will be a 1 score game.

Zach: The Cowboys won in New York to start the season but they've went in opposite directions since then. Giants will get their revenge.

San Francisco@Arizona

ThollHouse88: Remember when Arizona was undefeated and they were going to challenge SF for the divison? All that talk will be put to rest this week, SF by 21pts

Zach: Arizona's losing streak will continue. They started off the year impressive, but until this streak ends, I'll be betting against them.

What Denver Must Do to Win

ThollHouse88: This week will be tough, but it is a winnable game. I feel there are 3 things the Broncos can do that will guarantee a win. 1) Keep Brees off the field. 2) The defense needs to keep the turnover momentum going against this high powered Saints offence. 3)Touchdowns not field goals. This game will be a shootout if Denver allows it to be. If they can control the clock and get the running game going that will really help keep NO from scoring, I still don't trust our defense against these big offences, Denver needs to win the turnover battle by at least 2. And sorry to those of you who have Prater on your fantasy team but if the Broncos want to win they need to get Touchdowns. Field goals will not help against teams that can put up 40+ points every week.

Zach: First of all, the Broncos will win this week. But for that to happen, we can't let ourselves fall behind like we've been doing. Brees has been lighting it up this season and putting up around 30 points seems to be no problem for the Saints. We need our defense to make some stops early and our offense to get on the board so that we're not in a shoot out. If that happens, it's anyone's game.

Good Luck to both of our Contestants.