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Manning Makes a Martyr of the Saints

Broncos Quarterback may not be 100%, but he's definitely back

"Four weeks in a row!"
"Four weeks in a row!"

The Denver Broncos made a statement on Sunday night. In beating the New Orleans Saints, they put the rest of the NFL on notice. Yes, the Saints have the worst Defense in the league, but the Broncos Defense just held the top Passing Offense to 201 yards, a 4.8 per pass average and 252 yards total. New Orleans had been averaging 316 yards through the air and 7.3 yards per pass until trip to the Mile High City. That is no mean feat.

Not only that, but the biggest story of the offseason and largest gripe on the executive skills of Broncos VP of Football operations John Elway, Peyton "Freaking" Manning, has put any remaining doubters complaints to bed. Folks, this guy just accomplished another task that no other Quarterback has achieved in the history of the NFL.

Patrick Smyth, the Broncos Executive Director of Media Relations, sent out this:

Peyton Manning has become the first Quarterback in NFL history to string together four games with 300 passing yards, a 75% Completion average and 3 Touchdowns per game.

Anyone still think one hit and he's done?

I didn't think so.

It ain't over yet either Broncos Country.

Is there any reason why this streak can't go to five or even six games? Next week's opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals, have the 18th ranked Defense overall and defending the pass. So the journey will be a little more difficult, but not daunting.

Manning finished off the Saints with a 22/30, 305 yard, 3 Touchdown performance that included a 96.3 Quarterback Rating and a 138.9 Passer Rating. He averaged 10.2 yards per pass and threw not one Interception while spreading the ball out to seven different receivers.

The thing is, Peyton himself says that he isn't 100% and that this team can do better.

We are getting a first-hand close up look of a second Denver Bronco Quarterback to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton. Consider yourselves privileged and maybe just a little spoiled. Enjoy the ride, because when this team peaks, you're going to want to witness it.

Go Broncos!

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