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Where Do The Broncos Rank Around The Web: Week 9

The Broncos have put together back to back wins for the first time this season. Have they impressed the national media?

Justin Edmonds

ESPN - 9 (Last week: 12)

This is what John Elway expected when he went after Peyton Manning. The Broncos are in first place in the AFC West.

YAHOO SPORTS - 8 (Last week: 10)

Peyton Manning rolled up some numbers vs the Saints but how about the Broncos defense?

FOX Sports - 8 (Last week: 10)

The Broncos outgained the Saints 530-to-252 which is a good thing for two reasons. Peyton Manning is fully living up to expectations, but also this defense is capable of shutting down the best offenses in the NFL. This team is hitting its stride.

Pro Football Talk - 8

Peyton Manning, because he's Peyton Manning once again. - 9 (Last week 11)

The Denver Broncos creep into the top 10 by virtue of their defensive showing Sunday night, which was especially strong considering they faced Drew Brees with Tracy Porter on the sideline. Is it just me or does Demaryius Thomas look like a man among boys out there?

SB Nation - 9 (Last week 12)

Peyton Maning's forehead is radiating psychic mind-control waves right now that he has the Broncos laser-focused on playing football into February. Even John Elway's skull has been penetrated. - 9 (Last week 10)

More proof that Peyton Manning is a superstar QB again: Six different Broncos receivers have caught at least 17 passes with 130 plus receiving yards. He's spreading the ball around.

Dang these are pretty exciting times for the Broncos. I am too young to know about what the Elway days were like but man this is a lot of fun. With our past QBs I would be nervous every pass hoping for a good result but with Manning when he throws the pass, I expect it to be completed. It is a weird feeling and hard to explain. This defense has been playing so well and once Porter comes back I will really like our corner depth. Tony Carter has showed he has the ability to play in this league. I have been one to critique him especially in pre-season but he has made me a fan. And how bout Derek Wolfe? It was not a sexy pick at the time but he has had a nack of getting to the QB and making plays up the middle, something the Broncos lacked last season. I love our WMD defense and cannot wait for this Sunday to take on the Who Dey nation after beating the Who Dat nation.