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2nd Annual Fan Favorite Denver Broncos Cheerleader Tournament — Match 5 / Round 1

Hello and welcome back Broncos fans. Sorry for the short delay in this week's contest. Had some issues pop up but they're all resolved and we should be good to go again! To make up for the delay though, I'll push the voting back until noon on Saturday. You can then plan on getting a winner post a little later in the day. But enough about that, because it's time to vote in the fifth match up of this year's tournament!

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For those of you who missed out on the fourth match up, veteran Heather made up for last year's early exit from the tournament by defeating rookie Kisato with 60 percent of the vote. She was able to maintain that lead for much of the contest, which was no easy task considering how amazing all of our tournament rookies are this year.

As always, I encourage voters to take a little bit of time and read the bios before voting (I know how distracting those wonderful pictures can be). It doesn't take long, and it can be extremely fascinating to get to know our squad. Also, more than once, my vote has been swayed by the information provided. And speaking of my vote, just like last year, if there is a tie, I will nullify my own vote declaring the other cheerleader the winner (this actually happened).

But, without further adieu, lets get down to business.

If you can't see the full bracket, just click on the picture. It should take you to the source image.

Match 5 of Round 1: Jenna vs. Chelsie


This is Jenna's third season cheering for us. This Chicago girl went to school and the University of Kansas (As I'm a KSU alumn and might have a bias against her lol... I just keep telling myself good things can come from KU, like Chris Harris for example.) She currently works as a nanny and in guest services. She was another victim of an early exit in last year's contest, losing to Lauren by only 43 votes.

Her answers to her bio page on

What is your occupation and how does being a Denver Broncos Cheerleader affect your work?

I currently work in the Hospitality Industry, planning events as well as working for Earl's Restaurant. Both jobs give me great flexibility throughout the Broncos season! I am able to pursue my dream of being a Denver Broncos Cheerleader while maintaining a fun and balanced work life!

What was your most memorable game as a Denver Broncos Cheerleader?

January 8, 2012 Home PLAYOFF Game- Our victory over the Steelers was unforgettable!

What is the most important attribute of a Denver Broncos Cheerleader?

Positive Energy and Dedication!

What was your most memorable experience as a Denver Broncos Cheerleader?

So far....the night I became a Denver Broncos Cheerleader! The feeling was incredible when my name was called and I put on a DBC uniform for the very first time! Excitement filled the room and I was ecstatic!

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

My family! My mom because she is a strong and caring person who always puts others before herself. My dad because he always supports me in everything I do. My brother for his strong will and motivating attitude, which shows me I can overcome anything!

What is one thing about being a Denver Broncos Cheerleader that most people don't know?

All the hard work that goes on behind the scenes... All the blood, sweat, and tears!

What is your best advice to kids?

Follow your dreams and never give up on your passions in life! Live each moment to its fullest because life is too short! Always keep your head up and stay positive!

What sports do you enjoy watching or playing?

Football, Hockey and I love watching both the winter and summer Olympics!

Who are two people you would like to have dinner with?

Oprah and my Grandmother, Carol who passed away before I was born

What top three things do you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

Dancing for a professional team has always been a lifetime goal, and I am blessed to be a DBC dancing with 25 extremely talented women! Being a college graduate is a major lifetime accomplishment for myself, which I was very proud to achieve in May 2009! Although, I would like to go back to school and get my masters in Education. I do hope someday to achieve a fun and successful career in Education or media broadcasting and eventually start a family of my own.

What do you value most in your life?

My family and friends mean the world to me! If it weren't for them I wouldn't be who I am today! I value every relationship I have because those are the people you share your life with.

What place you would most like to visit and why?

Italy and Australia! Both places have amazing sights to see!

Who do you admire most in the sports industry?

Being a Chicago girl, I have to say Michael Jordan. He was an incredible athlete to watch while growing up. I admire his ambition and talent which led him to great success.

What is the best thing about Broncos fans?

The heart and soul behind every Broncos Fan. They show true loyalty and pride!

What is your favorite book?

The Bible

What book are you currently reading?

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

What are your favorite things to do in Denver?

Trips up to the Mountains! My favorite place to visit in Colorado is Estes Park.

In what charities or community service organizations are you most involved and why?

Most of my time throughout the year is dedicated to a variety of charity and community service organizations. I love working with the local charities in the Denver community, especially the ones that involve kids! I enjoy giving back and supporting all the great causes! Some major organizations I have worked with include Boys and Girls Club of Denver, the Tennyson Center, Habitat for Humanity and our own Broncos Bunch organization!

So far this season I have participated in a golf and a kickball tournament both supporting diseases and raising money to find a cure, a Shooting benefit for Craig’s Hospital, and local events promoting Breast Cancer awareness. I am also a camp instructor for Dare to Cheer, which is a program supporting the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and Ed McCaffrey’s Dare to Play Football camps! I look forward to participating in and supporting many more charities this season!

What is something about you that fans might not know?

This is my first Pro Dance Team experience, but I spent time pursuing ballroom dance and competed, just like the "Dancing with the Stars!"

What makes you laugh?

Classic, comical movies! Anything with Chevy Chase, Jim Carey or Vince Vaughn.

How do you challenge yourself?

I set goals for myself and always try to aim higher in everything I do.

How do you spend your time in the offseason?

I stay busy with work, visiting family, staying in shape by working out and taking dance classes, and planning fun getaway vacations!

In what area of your life have you achieved the most success?

Even though I'm at an early phase of my life, I feel very fulfilled and grateful for my accomplishments thus far. I have great friends and a loving family, I have a college education and I'm currently living my dream!

What are the three words that best describe you?

Fun-loving, Passionate, Energetic!


Chelsie is another rookie on our squad and another beauty from Minnesota. And I have to say she has the perfect answer for her most memorable game. She's currently working as a recruiter at Insight Global and once again, we have another member on our squad that could top any other team's list.

Her answers to her bio page on

Occupation / School & Major:

Currently a Recruiter at Insight Global. I recently graduated with an Advertising major and Business Management minor from the University of Minnesota.

Years on the team: R

Best thing about being a Broncos Cheerleader?

So far, the best thing about being a Broncos cheerleader is being able to dance again, and interact with all the dedicated Broncos fans!

Most memorable experience?

My most memorable experience was making the team for the first time in April!

How do you spend your time off the field?

If I am not on the field cheering or practicing, I am usually working, spending time relaxing by the pool, or catching up with my friends!

Most memorable game?

Hopefully the Super Bowl this year :)

Occupation and how does Broncos affect your work?

I am a Recruiter for an IT staffing firm called Insight Global. It's a full-time job, so immediately after work I head to the field for practices. It can be crazy and busy sometimes, but I thrive under pressure and love both jobs!

Favorite Book?

Don't really have a favorite book, but my favorite movie is Remember the Titans. I love football, and the little girl in the movie... Sheryl, reminds me of myself because my dad is a hockey coach and I acted just like her growing up! I was always so involved with his team, and I acted like a mini coach at every game even though I was in the stands!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I hope I am still working at Insight Global as an Account Manager, and a member of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders! I would also like to be married and hopefully start a family soon!

What is the best thing about Broncos fans?

They are truly died hard fans and I love how supportive they are of both the football team, and cheerleaders! Broncos fans are incredible and I can't wait for the games!

What do you do in your free time to relax?

I like to cuddle up on the couch and watch movies in the winter, and in the summer I love laying in the sun by a pool or beach!

Best advice to kids?

Never stop dreaming! Do what you love, and don't give up. That's the best advice my mom always gave me and I love being able to share this with younger kids!

Most important goal in life?

To live a happy life, with no regrets and touch the lives of those in my presence!

Place you would most like to visit?

Either Europe or the Bahamas again!

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

My dad and mom both. They are always there for me whenever I need them, and they inspire me to follow my dreams and never give up on anything! They have done so much for me, and I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for them!

What is the one thing that you value most in life?

That's a tough one.... I have to say two, and go with happiness and family.

Toughest part about being a cheerleader?

Getting every fan in the stadium to cheer with us! Help us out and everyone be loud! :)

Two people you would like to have dinner with?

My Grandpa and Grandma Stefano

Favorite things to do in Denver?

I have only been here for a little bit, but I love Red Rocks!

Favorite sport to participate in?

Dance of course! :) I have always been very competitive, so any sport I participate in I usually get way too involved and take it very seriously.

Three words that best describe you?

Dedicated, Perfectionist and Outgoing

Greatest Accomplishment?

Winning Nationals in both the Pom and Jazz categories as a part of the University of Minnesota Dance Team in 2010! And representing the USA in Worlds that same year!

So the fifth match up of our first round looks like it will be just as impossible to decide as the first four have been. These dancers are going to go head to head in an epic clash to see whether the vets can even out their record with the newcomers to our tournament, or whether the rookies will take their advantage to 3-1. As always, please feel free to add your opinions and any info you can find on these lovely ladies, and let me know if there's anything I can do to improve this series. Go Broncos!