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Denver Broncos at New England Patriots Open Thread

Welcome to MHR! Use this Open Thread to discuss the New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos game. It's your every week, virtual sports bar.


October 7th, 2012Gillette Stadium

This game needs very little introduction. The 2-2 Broncos and the Patriots faced each other twice last season, both games resulting in Broncos losses. This, of course, includes the 45-10 beatdown in the AFC Divisional playoffs. In that game, Tim Tebow threw 9 of 16 for 138 yards and 0 TDs. There wasn't a whole lot of positive for the Broncos in that one.

Then game Peyton Manning. The addition of Peyton Manning in the offseason added a little bit of pizzazz to this match up. Not only are the Broncos looking for revenge from last season, but Peyton Manning is hoping to even the series up a little bit. In 12 games between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, Brady's team is 8-4. Peyton Manning, however, has won 4 of the past 6 match ups.

For the Broncos to win this game, Manning will have to put up points, early and often. The Broncos can't afford to have early 3 and outs like they did last year with Tim Tebow at the helm. 3rd down conversions will be key. The longer Tom Brady sits on the sidelines, the better. The Broncos can't afford to let him get hot and shred the Broncos defense like they did last season.

I can't wait for this game to get started.

Overall, it should be a great game. Use the comment section, below, and chat with fellow Broncos fans as the game unfolds.

Go Broncos!

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