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Where Do The Broncos Rank Around The Web: Week 6

After a big loss to the team the Broncos can't seem to get by, the Patriots, the Broncos are sure to drop in the rankings.

Jared Wickerham - Getty Images

It was a disappointing game. The Broncos started so well. That Thomas fumble was so deflating and set the tone for what would come for the rest of the game for Denver. Lets see what the "experts" think of the Broncos. - 15 (Last week 11)

Much talk about Willis McGahee's late fumble in the loss at New England -- maybe too much talk. Sure, in a 10 point game with 3:42 on the block, the Broncos might have scored a touchdown. Might. But the fumble in question wouldn't have made a difference if Patriots RB Stevean Ridley hadn't coughed up the football on the previous possession. Truthfully, New England was in control throughout. The bottom line is Denver can't keep backing itself into a corner with mistakes. Manning shouldn't be dropping back nearly 50 times either. Run the football and keep Manning fresh -- like in week 1 win over Pittsburgh. That's the key.

ESPN - 17 (Last week 13)

The Broncos' defense has to be able to get off the field on third down to allow Peyton Manning to do what he does.

FOX SPORTS - 17 (Last week 13)

There isn't anything wrong with the health of QB Peyton Manning. His arm is fine. It wasn't his lack of arm strength that caused Demaryius Thomas to fumble the ball and it wasn't his lack of arm strength of Willis McGahee to drop a pass in the flat on fourth down.

CBS SPORTS - 17 (Last week 16)

Their brutal early schedule has them in a 2-3 hole to start. Can they climb out of it.

Pro Football Talk - 14

Before dumping them from the projected playoff tree, let's not forget they're in the AFC West.

To be honest, It is hard for me to put us any higher than 15. You can talk about how tough are schedule has been, but you play who you play and the Broncos have found ways to dig themselves into super deep holes that they can't get out of. You know why we won last year? It was because the Broncos controlled the possession and hardly ever turned the ball over. That is the John Fox recipe. The Broncos are having fumbling problems. The team gets better as the game goes on but need to find ways to get the defense going early.

What are your thoughts?

Go Broncos!