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On This Day in Broncos History: November 12

Beating Division Rivals is Fun.

Peter Aiken

November 12, 1989 - As part of their 11-5-0, AFC West Championship, AFC Championship season, the Broncos defeated division rival Kansas City on November 12, 1989. This was a game in which the teams were evenly matched and the Broncos won 16-13 despite being statistically outplayed. So how did Denver win?

Largely by two things: (1)Kansas City lost two fumbles -- one in the second quarter when KC QB Pelluer was sacked at his own 17-yard line. Denver ?? Kragen returned the fumble 17 yards for a touchdown; the second came after a completed pass and was recovered by Steve Atwater at the Denver 38 then returned for 29 yards. Denver's next drive yielded a field goal and a 13-6 lead. (2)Kansas City committed 12 penalties for a loss of 90 yards.

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