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Von Miller fined $21K by NFL for hit on Cam Newton

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller was fined by the NFL for a late hit on Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Streeter Lecka

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller was fined $21,000 by the NFL on Thursday for a late hit below the knees on Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, reports the Denver Post. While Miller received a roughing the passer penalty during the game, he told the Denver Post that he will appeal the fine.

After falling down on the pass rush, Miller quickly got back to his feet and lunged at Newton's legs, wrapping him up and apparently not knowing that the quarterback had already released the ball. From the Denver Post:

"How am I supposed to know if he threw the ball or not?" Miller said. "I was down on the ground -- actually the guard facemasked me and threw me into the quarterback. I'm supposed to what? Stand straight up and continue with the tackle?"

Miller recorded six tackles and had a forced fumble against the Panthers. Going into the game, the second-year pro said he would celebrate any sack on Newton with the quarterback's famous Superman celebration, and with a sack on the game, Miller got to do just that.

Denver defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson was also fined $15,000 for a horse collar on Newton during last Sunday's 36-14 victory.