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Thursday Night Open Thread: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

The 4-5 Dolphins face the 3-6 Buffalo Bills in Buffalo in a fight to stay in the playoff hunt.

Rick Stewart

These two teams are both within striking distance of the playoffs. The Dolphins, especially, could really use this win to catapult them back to a .500 record. They have a great chance of doing so tonight because they have won 3 of their last 4 games in Buffalo. Meanwhile, the Bills have lost their last 7 games in the month of November.

If they do so, only the Indiapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers would be ahead of them in the wildcard hunt, both with 6 wins. There are also various fantasy match ups to look at. The Bills have frustrated fantasy owners all year, going back and forth between CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson, due to injuries.

For Broncos fans, there isn't a whole lot that gets us excited for this game, but it's football on a Thursday night and there's not much else on.

Use this comment thread to get your NFL fix for the night or talk about anything else. Tim Tebow, if you have to...