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2012 NFL Weekly Picks -- MHR Staff vs Reader Competition (Week 12)

Will the Broncos Win? Will the Reader or Staffer Win?

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

The Broncos are aiming to extend their winning streak to six straight games. They have scored thirty or more points in each of the last five games and their average margin of victory has been 13.6 points. Denver's #4 ranked offense will be going against the Chiefs' #6 ranked defense. The Broncos' passing attack is ranked #6 and will be facing Kansas City's #6 ranked passing defense. Denver's rushing attack is ranked only #19, but the Chiefs' rushing defense is ranked #25, so the Broncos might find some running room. From Kanas City's perspective, they have the #19 ranked offense and the #29 ranked passing offense and will have to face Denver's defense which is ranked #9 in both categories. The Chiefs' #4 ranked rushing offense versus Denver's #6 ranked rushing defense will prove to be a good matchup to watch. For our Reader-Staffer matchup, this will be another fun week. The one thing that has been a constant during this 2012 season is that we never know how the teams are going to play on any given week. Matchups that were thought to be sure things have proven to be anything but. So let's go on to the contest. Perhaps it's the busy time of the holiday week, or perhaps there is something else going on, but the Reader who was slated to compete this week did not send in a slate of picks, so I asked around family and friends and came up with a composite list of picks. They are presented without comment. Going against the "Picks by Committee" will be Staffer Mike Gomez. Mike writes:

I've been a member on MHR for a couple years, but it took me some time before I started to comment and write posts. I'm originally from Denver, born and raised, and now live in the Limon area where I teach K-12 music at two different schools. There's nothing in the world like football, no other sport compares....I think of it as modern Gladiators and chess rolled up into one...."ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!"

And now, onto the picks.


Committee: Houston

Mike: Houston has walked the razor's edge the past couple of weeks. This is the week they fall down.


Committee: Dallas

Mike: Mike Shanahan is doing a fantastic job managing RGIII. That coupled with a very inconsistent Cowboys squad means a Redskin victory.

New England@New York Jets

Committee: New England

Mike: Sanchez is one of the worst QB's in the league....and so is his backup. It doesn't matter anyway, Rex Ryan is marching his foot soldiers into the teeth of an offensive juggernaut.....TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW ;)


Committee: Chicago

Mike: That Chicago D sure didn't look elite against SF and back-up Kaepernick. Jay Cutler should be back, but the cobwebs remain as he throws 4 INT on route to a Minnesota victory.


Committee: Cincinnati

Committee: Al Davis' cold dead fingerprints are still all over this Raider team and not even a young disciplined HC can right the ship this quickly.


Committee: Cleveland

Mike: Cleveland always plays tough defense. A hurting and ailing Pittsburgh unit will have a hell of a time winning this one.


Committee: Indianapolis

Mike: Why Andrew Luck continues to be overhyped is beyond me. his 57% completion percentage and 12 INT sure don't scream "QB of a generation" to me. Anyway, the Colts still win because they're playing the Bills....


Committee: Tennessee

Mike: Chad Henne lit up the Texans D and will get the nod. Jax wins the "inept bowl" 13-6.


Committee: Seattle

Mike: A battle of rookie QB's as Russell Wilson takes on Ryan Tannehill. Going with the road team here, if that SEA defense can pester and disrupt Tom Brady, they sure can do the same to the rook.

Atlanta@Tampa Bay

Committee: Tampa Bay

Mike: Here we have a vastly overrated first place team that has eeked out a ton of close victories. TB changes that this week.

Baltimore@San Diego

Committee: San Diego

Mike: For one week and one week only....go chargers----notice no caps or exclamation points? It was nice knowing ya Norv!

St. Louis@Arizona

Committee: St. Louis

Mike: Yawn, perfect time for a nap here...maybe they'll play to a tie

San Francisco@New Orleans

Committee: New Orleans

Mike: A rematch a fantastic playoff game last year. Who Dat is playing well, and I don't expect the Niners to fool Brees twice.

Green Bay@New York Giants

Committee: Green Bay

Mike: Revenge is the name and the Packers are game. The defending super bowl champs drop to 6-5 setting up another improbable road to the SB


Committee: Philadelphia

Mike: Hmm, to be honest I flipped a coin here, Carolina wins and Andy Reid continues his slide to the unemployment office.

What Denver Must Do to Win

Committe: Show up and pay attention to business.

Mike: Show up and not play hungover. Broncos 55 Chiefs -3

Good Luck to both of our Contestants.