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Monday Night Open Thread: Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles

The 2-8 Panthers travel to Philadelphia to take on the 3-7 Eagles.

Streeter Lecka

I'm pretty sure that the ESPN "suits" thought this would be a marquee match up when they first announced the NFL schedule, this spring. Instead, it's a battle between two teams that are at the bottom of the NFC standings.


Cam Newton hasn't lived up to his record smashing rookie season. Instead, he has looked confused on the field and frustrated at the podium. It has been apparent that he has the steadfastness of a 5 year old child who had his toy taken away from him and "doesn't wanna play no more".

On the other side, Michael Vick has been sidelined with a concussion for the past few weeks and is out again tonight. LeSean McCoy will join him on the sidelines after suffering a concussion against the Redskins.