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Where Do The Broncos Rank Around The Web: Week 13

6 in a row. This is unbelievable. However, we face a Bucs team that has been performing very well as of late, and we encounter our old friend Vincent Jackson again.

Peter Aiken

CBS SPORTS - 6 (Last Week: 7)

It wasn't pretty at Kansas City, but letdowns are natural at times for good teams. Be careful against the Bucs this week.

Bleacher Report - 6

Peyton Manning has been more than the Broncos could have hoped for, and the defense continues to look good after a rough start to the season. The team has stability and leadership.

SB Nation - 6 ( Last week: 7)

Romeo Crennel is supposed to be Peyton Manning's kryptonite. Manning threw a touchdown against a Crennel defense for the first time in five years. In fact, he threw two of them.

ESPN - 7 (Last week 7)

Six straight wins and a four game lead in the division. That's why the Broncos got Peyton Manning.

FOX Sports 3 (Last week 2)

It wasn't the offensive success we have grown accustomed to seeing out of Peyton Manning as of late, but the Broncos found a way to beat a desperate Chiefs team on the road on Sunday. No matter the record, that isn't an easy thing to do in the NFL. - 6

The Denver Broncos survived. Late in the year, playing on the road at Arrowhead, that qualifies as a successful weekend. Just ask the 2011 Green Bay Packers. brings up the best point. I completely forgot about the Kyle Orton defeat over an undefeated team last year. Something about that game scared me last week. Tampa this week gives me a scare too. They have been scoring points like crazy. They will give us a huge test for our secondary due to guys like Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams. I think we will be okay since we are at home. I would not like our chances if we were in Tampa Bay this weekend.