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Peyton Manning for MVP?

Entering 2012, the question was could Manning still play? The answer is Yes. In the first 4 games of the season Manning put up good numbers (games 1-4 99/153 (64.7%), 1162 Yards (7.6 YPA), 8TD/3INT, 96.9 QBR). Since then, Manning has been on a blistering pace. In the games since, Manning has done this (games 5-8, 104/139 (74.8%), 1242 Yards (8.9 YPA), 12TD/3INT, 121.4 QBR). So you tell me...Is Manning MVP quality?

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

So far on the year Manning has 2404 yards, 20 TD's and only 6 INTs. Pretty impressive for a guy coming off 4 neck surgeries and being a 36 year old QB. Manning also has a completion percentage of 69.5 and a QB rating of 108.6. If Manning stays on this pace he's on, he's on pace for approximately 4,808 yards, 40 TD's, and only 12 Ints. Those are pretty great numbers if you ask me. Those numbers would shatter records in the Denver Broncos history book too. The most pass yards in Denver Broncos history is 4526 yards by Jay Cutler back in 2008, and the most TD's by QB in the Broncos history is only 27, held by both Jake Plummer(2004) and John Elway(1997). Remember the Broncos do have the easiest schedule heading forward in 2012, so these numbers could get even better.

Lets see how these seasons compare to Mannings past 4 MVP seasons...

2003: 4,267 yards, 29 TD's, 10 Ints, 67% CMP and a QB rating of 99.0

2004: 4557 yards, 49 TD's, 10 Ints, 67.6 CMP and a QB rating of 121.0

2008: 4002 yards, 27 TD', 12 Ints, 66.8 CMP and a QB rating of 95.0

2009: 4500 yards, 33 TD's, 6 Ints, 68.8 CMP and a QB rating of 99.9

If Manning continues on this pace, he will have a career high in passing yards and his second highest TD total in his career. Manning is having a career year in Denver this year.

Lets take a look at Mannings competition for MVP...

Aaron Rodgers QB Packers:

Rodgers has 2,383 yards passing, 25 TD's and 5 Ints through 9 games. Rodgers has a CMP of 67% and a QB Rating of 107.4. Rodgers is on pace for 4236 yards passing, 44 TD's and 9 Ints on the year. Rodgers has his Packers at 6-3 right now.

Matt Ryan QB Atlanta Falcons:

Matty Ice has 2360 yards passing, 17 TD's and 6 Ints through 8 games. Ryan has a CMP of 68.9 % and a QB rating of 103. Ryan is on pace for 4720 yards passing, 34 TD's and 12 Ints on the year. Ryan has lead his Atlanta Falcons to 8-0, the only undefeated team left in the NFL.

Tom Brady QB New England Patriots:

Brady on the year has 2,408 yards passing, 16 TD's and 3 Ints through 8 games. Brady has a CMP of 65.3% and a QB rating of 100.6. Brady is on pace for 4,816 yards, 32 TD's and 6 Ints on the year. Brady has the Patriots at 5-3, and is leading the number one offense in the league.

Drew Brees QB New Orleans Saints:

Brees on the year has 2310 yards passing, 20 TD's and 8 INT's through 7 games. Brees has a CMP of 59.7 and a QB rating of 93. Brees on the year is on pace for 5,280 yards passin, 46 TD's and 18 Ints. The fact that the Saints have such a bad record and a terrible defense will hurt Brees stock, but he's put this team on his back and put up his usual numbers

JJ Watt DE/DT Houston Texans:

Watt leads the league in sacks with 10.5, has 39 tackles and 10 pass deflection through 8 games. Watt is on pace for 21 sacks, 78 tackles and 20 pass deflections on the year. Houston has one of the more dominant defenses in the league and Watt is putting up crazy numbers for a 300 pound man. To put it simply, Watt has been dominant.

Charles "Peanut" Tillman CB Chicago Bears:

Tillman is having a great year for the Chicago Bears, On the year Tillman has 43 tackles, 2 INT's, 7 forced fumbles and 2 defensive TD's. On the year Tillman is on pace for 86 tackles, 4 Ints. It might be a long shot for Tillman, but he has been a difference maker on that Bears dominant defense.