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Point-Counterpoint: Should the Broncos Add Stanford Routt?


Recently the Chiefs released their cornerback Stanford Routt. So we as a staff immediately got into a debate on whether the Broncos should add him to their roster. Afterwards we felt this would make a good beginning to our new series Point-Counterpoint which pits two or more staffers against each other about a topic and we let you, the members, decide who is correct by voting.

Currently the Broncos are 24th on the waiver order.

Stanford Routt

#26 / Free Agent



Jul 26, 1983

A quick breakdown of his skill set from Sports Illustrated:

Pros: Nice-sized, athletic prospect who's displayed a steady line of improvement the past two seasons. Tough, comes up the field to defend the run and not afraid to mix it up. Physical, uses his frame to box out opponents and works to defend the pass. Displays a good move on the ball and to his credit relatively instinctive. Easily stays step for step downfield with opponents and quick locating the ball in the air.

Cons: Slow reacting to receivers moves off the line and loses a half step in transition. Not quick reading receivers eyes or getting his head back around to make a play on the ball. A bit inconsistent.

- 40 Time: 4.27
- Vertical Jump: 36.5 Inches
- Shuttle: 3.90

Contract Information From Rotoworld and Spotrac:

2/20/2012: Signed a three-year, $18 million contract. The deal contains $6 million guaranteed. Another $1.6 million is available through a final-year escalator. Routt is eligible for annual $200,000 workout bonuses. 2012: $1.8 million (+ $4 million roster bonus), 2013: $4.3 million (+ $10 million option bonus), 2014: $6,299,990 (+ $1 million roster bonus), 2015: Free Agent

Base Salary Bonus Misc. Bonus Cap Hit
2012 1,800,000 - 4,200,000 6,000,000
2013 4,300,000 - 5,200,000 9,500,000
2014 6,299,990 - 6,200,000 12,499,990
2015 UFA

For his 2012 salary the Raiders will take his entire salary and the Broncos will only be required to pay him $825,000.

Bring in Stanford Routt by Topher Doll:

While our esteemed college may mention how Routt has struggled this season we want to think long term. First off, as we've seen in the past 3-4 games Champ Bailey (while still amazing for you who will misinterpret this) isn't who he used to be. Routt is a quality #1 corner and a very good #2 corner. He's also only 29. With Tracy Porter likely on his way out, the need for a true #2 corner is needed.

Now we know what you are saying "what about Chris Harris?" Well with Routt opposite Champ, Harris can move back to his nickel spot permanently, which is where he truly excels.

While Routt has had his share of troubles this season, he brings what the Broncos need, a big, physical corner, which Routt is at 6'1" and 195 pounds. He also has a nose for shutting down the pass with 32 pass deflections in the past three seasons and 28 in his last two full seasons. While he does have the tendency to give up the big play, his physical play and ability to create turnovers more than make up for it.

So think about this long term, Routt will replace Champ when he moves to safety or retires and we still have Harris and Tony Carter as unbelievable depth. This is an upgrade at the #2 corner spot and adds an actual starter at a position that is either very old or very young, there is no downside. This isn't about depth, it's about talent and Routt is more talented than any CB on our roster besides Champ.

Well no downside unless Mike has something to say...

Don't Bring in Stanford Routt by Bronco Mike Gomez:

Before delving into why this might not be such a great move based on the player's production, I want to point out the fact that our secondary has been steadily improving with the combination of Champ and Harris as #1 and #2 and Tony Carter coming in to play that #2 in nickel situations. I think at this point in the season we have enough depth and experience in our secondary to weather an injury if it happens.

Secondly, a move like this would be made eventually to supplant Chris Harris as #2 and move him back into the slot position full time. So in base defense, would you rather have Champ and Harris or Champ and Routt? I say stick with the chemistry and high level of play our guys have shown and ride it into the post season.

Finally, according to Pro Football Focus, Routt has been thrown at 39 times, has allowed 25 receptions (64.1%), for 491 yards, and 3 TD's. The Broncos make this move only if they think he is an upgrade AND insurance policy on Tracy Porter's mediocre play and unknown health issues and can prove to be a more integral part of the defense looking ahead to next year.

Your Thoughts:

So members of Mile High Report, what do you think, should the Broncos add Routt or is he not worth it?