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On This Day in Broncos History: December 10

Riley Odoms' Big Day.

Peter Aiken

December 10, 1978 - In a 24-3 Denver victory over division rival Kansas City, seventh-year veteran TE Riley Odoms had a career game. He finished the game with 7 receptions -- this tied his career high for receptions in a single game (he had also accomplished this feat once in 1973 and again in 1974). This was just his third 100-yard game and he set a career high 165 receiving yards. He averaged 23.6 yards per catch -- which, oddly enough, was not his career high. He had several games with a higher average. Odoms scored a career high 2 touchdowns in this game. He gained 79 of his 165 yards on 4 catches in the first half. Two of his three second half catches were for touchdowns -- a 23-yard touchdown pass from QB Craig Morton in the third quarter to give Denver a 17-3 lead and a 29-yard touchdown reception in the fourth quarter to cap a 91-yard drive which began following a Kansas City fumble.