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Monday Night Open Thread: Houston Texans at New England Patriots

Get ready for one of the most important non-Broncos games of the year. If the Patriots lose to the Texans, the Broncos will control their own destiny with regard to an AFC first round bye in the playoffs.


Send your well wishes, prayers, voodoo, or positive thoughts to the Houston Texans, tonight. The Patriots need to lose for the Broncos to control their own destiny. The 11-1 Houston Texans can do that.

Many people are touting this as one of the greatest regular season match ups of all time. With the Texans at 11-1 and the Patriots at 9-3, those people are right. The Patriots face the Houston Texans tonight and then the 9-3-1 San Francisco 49ers just six days later.

For the Broncos to have a first round bye, the Patriots must lose one or both of these games.

Go Kubiak and Go Texans!