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Where Do The Broncos Rank Around The Web: Week 15

The Broncos are arguably the leagues hottest team, but does that grab them the top spot in the rankings?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN - 2 (Last week 3)

The Broncos have won eight straight and have only one road game left on their schedule: Week 15 at Baltimore.

NFL - 4 (Last week: 4)

The Denver Broncos remain stuck at the cleanup spot as neither the Texans nor the Falcons deserve a precipitous drop after each losing their second game. Not to mention, both teams beat Denver earlier in the season -- with Gary Kubiak's club dropping the Broncos on their own field -- and that can;t be discounted in the top tier of the Power Rankings. Nice win in Oakland o a short week but I can guarantee you the red-zone stalls on offense are a concern to Peyton Manning.

Pro Football Talk - 2

Before any of you scream that the Broncos shouldn't be No. 2, tell me who else should be.

CBS Sports - 3 (Last week 4)

They just keep on rolling while many others keep falling off. You can make a case for Denver being the best team.

FOX Sports - 2 (Last Week: 2)

The Broncos have now won eight games in a row. The last time the Broncos had an eight game winning streak in a single season was in 1998...they went on to win the Super Bowl that year.

Bleacher Report - 3

The Denver Broncos continue to impress having won eight straight games. Peyton Manning has the offense operating at a high level, and Von Miller leads one of the NFL's best and most explosive defenses. This team is built to go deep into the playoffs.

The Broncos continue to roll. The red zone problem last week was strange but it was a short week and did not give us a lot of time to prepare. I am really happy with the production of Knowshon Moreno in his two starts. Something I find strange is the signing of Jacob Hester, I think he would be more of an asset than Lance Ball at this point. Ball does not get a lot of work and Hester would be a better situational back. This is a big game for the Broncos coming up. A big road win against the top team would go a long ways in this teams mind set. I think they can do it but Baltimore has been a place where Denver does not have a lot of success as of late.