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Kryptonite And The Denver Broncos

The Broncos have won eight in a row but they are not without some questions.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The second trailer for the new Superman movie was released today and it made me think of kryptonite and that being Supermans weakness. Every team has some type of kryptonite and the Broncos have a few.

The Denver Broncos are 10-3 with three games remaining on their schedule. This Sunday, they will hit the road and take on the 9-4 Baltimore Ravens. They will then finish the season with two home games against the Cleveland Browns and the division rival Kansas City Chiefs.

I listen to a lot of sports talk radio and I often hear the Broncos players saying the same thing. I heard Chris Harris say it on the Brandon Spano show, and I heard Peyton Manning say it after last Thursday's win. This team is still looking for that perfect game. I am not sure what a perfect game is because I think we all have a different image of it.

There are still some problems on this team that I am sure are a concern to the coaches and we have all thought of it. This team is very good and one of the top teams in the AFC and even the NFL. But this team does have a few kyrponites right now.


This team right now has a major turnover problem. Luckily, the Broncos are one of the best at creating turnovers to make up for it, but right now, Denver has turned the ball over in EVERY SINGLE GAME THIS SEASON. That is not a playoff recipe for success. The Broncos have 23 turnovers in 13 games and Peyton Manning has thrown four interceptions in four straight games. Peyton has done a lot for us so far but he would agree the interception numbers need to come down. The team seems to have slowed down the fumble problem but considering all the teams the Broncos are fighting with for playoff position have a positive turnover ratio, the Broncos need to get this fixed in the final three games in time for the playoffs.


Losing Willis McGahee was a major blow for the Broncos. Despite his fumbling problems, he was far and away the best running back on the roster. We have been fortunate the past two games with Knowshon Moreno playing great in both run and the pass, but I still do have my concerns. I really liked the addition of Jacob Hester and I am wondering why he has not made the lineup. In my personal and unprofessional opinion, he offers more to the team right now than Lance Ball does, especially on the goal line and short yardage and definitely pass protection. Knowshon proved he can handle a heavy workload after his 30+ carry game but the change of pace back is a sweet addition. I think Ronnie Hillman is someone the coaches want to succeed but he puts himself in the dog house with a mistake in most games.


I still worry about the safety position for the Broncos. I have been impressed this season by the large improvement of Rahim Moore. Last year he was terrible to watch but he has made strides this year. He has been tackling pretty well all year and Mike Adams has been pretty good when he rushes the passer. He has 12 pressures on the year and has one in four of his last five games. However. both have given up some big plays, gotten lost in zone coverage and I worry that we do not have the top grade safety to make plays for us.

One last small worry I have is at right guard and I am sure you can guess why. Chris Kuper has had multiple injuries this year and when he comes back he is great and without question one of the best right guards in the NFL. But Manny Ramirez is not a very good backup. He makes bad decisions against multiple rushers and was part of Peyton Manning getting sacked the amount of times he did last week. Please stay healthy Kuper!

Those are my concerns. This team can make a run at the title and I cannot wait to see us against Baltimore. We have never won in Baltimore since they moved there but Peyton Manning has won eight straight against the Ravens so something has to give.

What concerns do you guys have down the home stretch?