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On This Day in Broncos History: December 2

Anyone remember Jim Stinnette?

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

December 2, 1962 - Denver Broncos FB Jim Stinnette scored the only rushing touchdown of his NFL career on a 1-yard run against the Houston Oilers. Stinnette was an undrafted player from the University of Oregon. He attended classes in the offseason and worked as a logger to pay his expenses in order to complete his degree. He played just two seasons as a professional, both with the AFL's Denver Broncos. According to the Denver Media Guides: he was nicknamed "Buffalo," because it was said that his size compared favorably to one. The Guides also described him as a ". . . rock-'em, sock-'em type who could set the AFL on its collective ear . . . ." Unfortunately, his career did not live up to that hype. He began as a FB in 1961, but a pulled hamstring caused him to miss several games. Head coach Frank Filchock placed in a LB spot upon his return. In 1962, Stinnette was returned to the FB position, but failed to impress the coaching staff enough to keep him on past the 1962 season.