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Where Do The Broncos Rank Around The Web: Week 17

The Broncos head into the week 17 on a 10 game winning streak with a shot at the number one seed.


ESPN - 1 (Last week: 2)

Ten consecutive wins and counting. Talk about hot entering the playoffs.

Pro Football Talk - 1

The only difference between Peyton's new team and his old team is that the Colts would have been more likely to start 10-0 before going 2-3. - 2 (Last week: 5)

Considering the level at which the Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers are playing, is it possible that we could have a rematch of Super Bowl XXXII? If so, I would be forced to write just four words: "This one's.....for.......JAAHN!" (Make that four words, with a contraction.)

Fox Sports - 1 (Last Week: 1)

Peyton Manning now has nine career 12-win seasons and with his three-touchdown performance on Sunday, he has tied Brett Favre for the most 3-TD games (72) in NFL history.

CBS Sports - 1 (Last week: 1)

Are they the best team? I don't think there is any doubt right now. With that offense, they can turn those pass rushers loose on defense.

SB Nation - 2 (Last week: 1)

Winning 10 games in a row is impressive, even if only two of those teams had a winning record. I get the sneaking feeling we're headed toward another Brady-Manning showdown in the AFC.

My favorite comment here is the the one from PFT. It goes to show the preparedness that this team has going into every week. The Colts had ways of starting so hot and slowing down during the final stretch. While I was on the CBS website getting their ranking, I clicked on their game picks and it was interesting. I was shocked to see that four out of eight writers picked the Chiefs this week. I think I see where they are coming from thinking we will rest Peyton and others, but I cannot see that happening because of what is at stake. We could go to either the top seed or the third seed this week. The easiest route is just win and we are at least second. The Colts are going full out so says Chuck Pagano, so if the Colts can upset the Texans, the Broncos could win and have home playoff games throught the AFC. I do not know if we can beat New England on the road, but I believe that the Broncos can for sure take care of business against any team at home.