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Denver Broncos 2013 Opponents Finalized

With some work left to do in 2012, the Broncos now know who they will face in the 2013 regular season

Justin Edmonds

The Denver Broncos still have one more game - and plenty more in the playoffs - here in 2012, but now know who they will face in 2013.

As most of you know, 14 of 16 opponents are known well in advance based on a rotation that sees divisions face each other on a regular basis. The final two games are determined by where teams finish in their division(regardless of their record).

An example of this is the 2012 schedule. The Broncos won the AFC West, though they finished 8-8. Because of that, they had to face the Houston Texans and New England Patriots - both of which finished with much better records in 2011.

In 2013, the Broncos face their divisional rivals(Oakland, San Diego and Kansas City), the AFC South, the NFC East and the winners of the AFC East(Road) and AFC North(Home). What does all that mean? See Below:

Denver Broncos 2013 Opponents

Kansas City Kansas City
Oakland Oakland
San Diego San Diego
Jacksonville Houston
Tennessee Indianapolis
Philadelphia Dallas
Washington N.Y. Giants
Baltimore New England

Right away some interesting matchups stick out - on screen, anyway.

* The Broncos will head to Indianapolis - an obvious showcase game given the return of Peyton Manning to Indy. Even if the Broncos face the Colts in the playoffs, a trip to Indy will be a huge draw.

* The Broncos in Dallas could mean another Thanksgiving Day game for the Broncos

* Each time Peyton Manning faces Tom Brady people wonder if it is the last time. Then the teams face each other again. Enjoy it, though.

* The return of Mike Shanahan to Denver, this time as coach of the Redskins

We'll have plenty of time for all of that. The actual schedule won't come out until April sometime. At least we can chat about which game you may/may not want to travel to see! Are the Broncos coming to your neck of the woods in 2013?