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NFL Playoff Schedule: Wildcard, Divisional Round Schedules Complete

The Broncos don't know who, but they know when they will play their divisional round playoff game.


Commissioner ROGER GOODELL announced today the schedule of sites, dates and times for the National Football League Wild Card Playoffs of January 5-6 and Divisional Playoffs of January 12-13 (all times Eastern):


Saturday, January 5

AFC: 4:30 PM (ET)

Cincinnati at Houston (NBC)

NFC: 8:00 PM (ET)

Minnesota at Green Bay (NBC)

Sunday, January 6

AFC: 1:00 PM (ET)

Indianapolis at Baltimore (CBS)

NFC: 4:30 PM (ET)

Seattle at Washington (FOX)


Saturday, January 12

AFC: 4:30 PM (ET)

Baltimore/Indianapolis/Cincinnati at Denver (CBS)

NFC: 8:00 PM (ET)

Green Bay/Washington/Dallas/Seattle at San Francisco (FOX)

Sunday, January 13

NFC: 1:00 PM (ET)

Washington/Dallas/Seattle/Minnesota at Atlanta (FOX)

AFC: 4:30 PM (ET)

Houston/Baltimore/Indianapolis at New England (CBS)

In the Divisional Playoffs, the division champion with the best record in each conference will host the lowest seeded Wild Card survivor. Once teams are seeded for the playoffs, positions do not change:

American Football Conference

National Football Conference

1. Denver (13-3, AFC West champion)

1. Atlanta (13-3, NFC South champion)

2. New England (12-4, AFC East champion)

2. San Francisco (11-4-1, NFC West champion)

3. Houston (12-4, AFC South champion)

3. Green Bay (11-5, NFC North champion)

4. Baltimore (10-6, AFC North champion)

4. Washington/Dallas (9-6/8-7) (NFC East champion)

5. Indianapolis (11-5)

5. Seattle (11-5)

6. Cincinnati (10-6)

6. Minnesota (10-6)

The AFC (CBS, 6:30 PM ET) and NFC (FOX, 3:00 PM ET) Championship Games will be played on Sunday, January 20.