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Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders: 4th Quarter Open Thread

Von Miller strikes again. He forced a Carson Palmer fumble that was recovered by Mitch Unrein. Knowshon Moreno punched it in for a Broncos touchdown and the Broncos extended their 3rd quarter lead.


Category Broncos Raiders
Score 26 7
Rushing Yards 23 car. 77 yards (3.3 ypc) 13 car. 53 yards (4.1 ypc)
Passing Yards
275 143
Total Yards 359 196
3rd Down Conversions 5-10 2-7
T.O.P 27:38 17:22
1 1

For a live broadcast, check out the following link, which allows you to access a broadcast from Kevin Kugler, Trent Green and Laura Okmin from Dial Global Sports.