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The Aftermath: Broncos sweep Raiders, 26-13

Trap game? Hardly

Ezra Shaw

With a victory in the Black Hole, the Broncos moved to 10-3 on the year. Incidentally this is the first time since 2005 that the Broncos have won at least 10 games in a season. There were several Manning milestones accomplished tonight:

- Surpassed 5000 career completions (2nd all time)

- Passed for 300+ yards for the 70th time in his career (1st all time)

- Completed his 12th season of 10 or more wins (1st all time)

- Completed 72% of his passes (9th time he's done that this year!!!)

He wasn't the only Bronco that had a great game. Knowshon Moreno----ran tough, ran patiently on his way to 119 yards. The average wasn't pretty, but his O-line didn't do him any favors as there were many plays blown up in the backfield. Moreno also set a career high in carries with 32. I will gladly eat a huge helping of crow over Knowshon---he's running hard and taking care of the ball. I'm really glad that he's a Bronco!

The offense was atrocious in the redzone with 2 TD's 4 FG's and 1 INT on 7 opportunities. It was enough today, but you have to score TD's not FG's when you get the opportunity.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Broncos played a lot of zone. Discussing it during the game, I was 100% sure that it had to do with the sloppy field and bad footing. The Tony Carter missed tackle on Oakland's TD confirmed that thought in my mind. Guy slipped going in for the tackle and allowed the big play to turn. Can't dismiss how sloppy things were out there, both sides were having issues.

Von Miller. BEAST. Notched another sack and another forced fumble. That was about the sickest bend I've seen around the RT on that play. He's your DPOY folks, hands down. Forget J.J. Watt. Von affects the game in all facets. His 6 FF lead the league.

Here are the positives and negatives I took away from the game from each unit.


- O line got pushed around. I'm glad we rested Kuper---it is good strategy against a weaker opponent. But the difference with Manny in there is too apparent.

- Manning missed some blitz pickups and slid his protection the wrong way. Two sacks are on him.

- Manning trying to aim the ball to a smaller Matthew Willis. He might have gotten his arm brushed by the rusher, regardless, that play and subsequent Oakland TD made things closer than they really were.

- Hester inactive. We bring a guy in for short yardage and he sits inactive. Really could have used him on that 1st goal line stop.

- Redzone offense

+ Manning being accurate and keeping drives alive on 3rd down (7/14) on the game.

+ Manning going in the fetal position on the sacks---protect yourself bud. Used to chide Orton for this, but won't chide Manning. The difference you ask? Kyle Orton is Kyle Orton and Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning---figure it out.

+ DT making another great catch down the sideline. Glad he wasn't hurt bad because our passing game suffers without him

+Andre Caldwell making a nice play from the slot. He has a lot of speed--we should get him involved more.

+ Clock chewing drives at the end----beautiful


- Our corner blitzes are getting noticed now. Palmer slid his protection when he saw this look two different times.

- Sloppy field + quick throws = ineffective pass rush.

- Rahim Moore getting beat straight down the field.

- Champ Bailey whiffed on McFadden's only good run of the night. Put his head down too early.

+ Allowed only 13 points

+ Allowed only 61 yards rushing (3.8 YPC)

+ Allowed only 2/8 on 3rd down (that makes it 14/63 I think over the last 5 games 22%)

+ Robert Ayers, Mitch Unrein making some good plays in the running game.

+ Champ Bailey with a Redzone INT

+ Rahim Moore flying in to make some good tackles in the Run Game

+ Anyone else notice David Bruton's speed on that safety blitz?

Special Teams

+ Matt Prater--you are forgiven my son

What this win and the wins previous should tell you----this team does not fall into traps. After two victories in 5 days, the Broncos now have some time to heal up and prepare for Baltimore. This is the game of the year so far. Lose and we can kiss any thoughts of a 1st round bye good bye. Losing is not an option. We'll see how NE fares Monday night against the Texans. Needless to say for this week at least GO TEXANS!

The only thing better than 8 in a row? 9 IN A ROW---GO BRONCOS!!!