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2012 NFL Week 14 Picks -- MHR Staff Vs Reader Competition

The Readers lead by 2 games. Can they hold their lead?

Thearon W. Henderson

The Broncos are riding an eight-game winning streak. The Readers are trying to make it two in a row. We entered Week 13, last week, with the Readers and Staffers tied at 102-62-1. The Readers won Week 13 to take a two-game lead over the Staffers. This week, our Reader and Staffer have a difference of opinion on seven games. So, the question becomes, will the Readers increase their lead to as much as nine games? Will the Staffers surge back to take a five game lead? Will we see a split that ends in a tie, or will one side maintain a narrow lead? So many questions, so much football to be played. It will be interesting to see how this week plays out. This week, the Readers will be represented by Jaffe28. Jaffe28 writes:

Hiya! I'm a metalhead horror fan that likes to write scary stories in my spare time. Currently I live in Sacramento, a.k.a. Raiders Land which may necessitate a move back to Colorado. Certainly such a move would have NOTHING to do with marijuana's new legal status there. I've got a Master's in Sociology and voted Green Party this past November. All of this is to say that even long-haired, leftist degenerates like football. Go Broncos!!!

Going against the Readers' Jaffe28 will be Staffer Jess Place. Jess writes:

Jess has been an avid Bronco fan the moments immediately preceding conception. Born in the wilds of El Paso county, his family moved from mountains to Denver when he was four-years-old. Undeterred by the heartbreaking Super Bowl losses of the 1980's, Jess would continue to follow the Broncos while attending college in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was there, perched atop a long sullied dorm room mattress that he witnessed the height of Super Bowl glory. Since those Super Bowl years, Jess has lived and died (mostly died) with the successes and failures of the franchise. A couple years back his season ticket dream became a reality. Jess has also been known to eat whole packages of ham in one sitting and has an unhealthy affinity for salt water taffy (though certainly not ham flavored salt water taffy... That would be gross). Jess dominated this contest in Week 6 and fully intends on repeating his success this week.

And now, onto the picks.

St. Louis@Buffalo

Jaffe28: Sam Bradford dinks and dunks his way past the Mario Bros. The Bills make it close late on a pick six by C.J. Spiller when Chan Gailey decides to play his only elite athlete two ways.

Jess: St. Louis won last week and will be feeling invincible against this sub-par Bills team. With their playoff hopes on life support, St. Louis will falter. Buffalo barely squeaks this one out.


Jaffe28: No one is going to confuse John Abraham with Lex Luthor, but he’s still Cam’s nemesis in this one. He strangles Superman with his own cape and pass rush kryptonite as the secondary that confused Peyton into three picks feasts. Newton learns the meaning of gravity.

Jess: Cam Newton will regret having ever introduced the Superman thing to the NFL. Even Atlanta's equipment personnel clown him as the Falcons win this one handily.


Jaffe28: Dallas can’t run and Romo can’t hide. The Bengals have a pretty spiffy defense and enough offense to overcome Jerry’s kids. I didn’t mean you Mr. Ware, please don’t hurt me!

Jess: I have Andy Dalton on my fantasy team and I need him to embarrass the Cowboys. Not that they'll need any help.

Kansas City@Cleveland

Jaffe28: "Revenge!" screams Romeo Crennel. "Revenge!" screams Peyton Hillis. "Revenge!" screams Brady Quinn. With a second straight week of zero turnovers the Chiefs take down the Browns.

Jess: Pat Shurmer's team is playing for his coaching life. Something tells me the Browns will rise to the occasion.


Jaffe28: No Luck really needed but the Colts know it never hurts. The Titans are just bad and it shows in this one. The Colts continue to streak toward a playoff matchup with their old buddy Peyton. Seriously, how can God not let that happen?

Jess: I can't bet against Andrew Luck. This game is in Indy and that's good enough for me.

New York Jets@Jacksonville

Jaffe28: Tim Tebow earnestly repents his prideful choice of big market New York and recognizes that he should’ve signed with the Jags. He is forgiven, and in a miraculous transubstantiation becomes the starting quarterback for Jacksonville. After going 7 for 19 with a pick and a fumble in the first three quarters, Tebow completes 9 of 9 in the fourth and runs for the winning TD when Bart Scott turns into a pillar of salt at the two yard line.

Jess: Yes, I'm calling this game a tie because they both have terrible offenses. I don't expect many, if any, points.



Jaffe28: Subconscious sympathy for Jay Cutler causes Lance Briggs to be a step late on every tackle of Adrian Peterson so his QB can stay safe on the sidelines. The Vikings score on three drives of thirteen plays or more. When the Chicago O is on the field, Jared Allen and his mates harry and abuse the Broncos’ offense that could have been into so many mistakes that even Christian Ponder can’t doink it up.

Jess: Damn it Cutler doesn't tear it up again this week. He and Marshall connect for a million combined yards.

San Diego@Pittsburgh

Jaffe28: If Big Ben plays it helps the Steelers win big. It doesn’t really matter though. Phillip Rivers playing gives the Steelers a victory either way.

Jess: Through the smoldering wreckage that is the Chargers season, the Norv and Chargers will emerge victorious... barely. This has all the makings of a trap game for the Steelers, but I think they're too cocky to notice.

Philadelphia@Tampa Bay

Jaffe28: At least the Dream Team can bask in warm temperatures away from their insane fan base. Ronde Barber makes life miserable for Nick Foles with a pick or twelve while Freeman and Jackson hook up for a couple scores against a defense that could give a hoot. Speaking of Jackson in Tampa Bay, thanks AJ!

Jess: Tampa will win because the Eagles are almost as comical a mess as the Jets. I really like Josh Freeman and Greg Schiano... They're scrappy and Philadelphia just wants the season to be over.


Jaffe28: RGIII uses the pistol to put a bullet in the Ravens as he makes one spectacular play more than Ray Rice. Baltimore ends the day two thirds of the way through its current three game losing streak. *knocks wood*

Jess: Because deep down Mike Shanahan knows that he has to beat the Ravens... for the Broncos. Also, his record against Baltimore is absolutley abysmal (as is Denver's)... He's gotta turn it around sometime, right?

Miami@San Francisco

Jaffe28: Harbaugh’s arrogance will get him a kick in the stones again soon. Just not this week.

Jess: San Francisco has been playing fast and loose with who it chooses to play as quarterback. It catches up to them this week as doubt is cast upon Kappernick. A pouting Alex Smith will say he told you so.

New Orleans@New York Giants

Jaffe28: Drew Brees makes up for the worst game of his career by playing one of his best. Darren Sproles scores twice. Speaking of Brees and Sproles in New Orleans, thanks AJ!

Jess: The Giants always play their best ball in December, yes? Not this week. Drew Brees shells them big time. I bet it's not even close.


Jaffe28: The Cardinals stink. The Seahawks don’t. ‘Nuff said.

Jess: Arizona doesn't have anybody on their roster who can hold a football, much less throw one. Seahawks dominate despite notable portions of their secondary being suspended.

Detroit@Green Bay

Jaffe28: After another late game collapse for the Lions, Ndamukong Suh rips off Aaron Rogers’ arm and beats Matthew Stafford to death with it. "I hate Quarterbacks!" he screams again and again. Meanwhile Jim Schwartz pulls the wings off a fly and giggles.

Jess: This may come as a shock to you, but Detroit is terrible. Plus, they're playing the game in Green Bay.

Houston@New England

Jaffe28: Denver South plays a perfect ball control game with Arian Foster. Limited opportunities keep the Pats under thirty points. JJ Watt scores the winning TD on a strip sack of Brady in the end zone, but still falls behind Von Miller in the DPY race after the monster game #58 plays in Oakland

Jess: As much as I hate to say it, New England comes out on top this week. They're just too good in December and I don't see that changing this week.

Good Luck to both of our Contestants.