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'Delocated' Star Jon Glaser Battles Back

A couple of weeks ago an advertisement here on MHR created quite an uproar. It was a full-page ad for a TV show on AdultSwim called Delocated and featured the star of the show - Jon Glaser - in his underwear(and the ski-mask which he wears on the show). Several of the SBNation football communities where the ad was running had plenty of negative feedback on the ad, but one of the great things about MHR is the feeling of ownership that YOU, the members of MileHighReport, have for the site. If you don't like something, you are going to make your voice heard.

You did, in THIS FAN SHOT, and today it was brought to my attention that Glaser himself had something to say to you regarding your reaction to his mostly-naked body gracing the pages of the site. He was a guest last week on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show and took the time to record a response, seen below. If Mr. Glaser is reading, thank you are giving us your feedback to our, umm, feedback. You are welcome around here any time!