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MHR Poll of the Week: The Broncos Off-Season Begins

Well I'm glad to say MHR Poll of the Week is back, and hopefully we can continue to do our best to keep the pulse on Bronco Country. Normally in this section we would review the previous week's poll, but since it's been a while, so we'll just take a look down memory lane and see how Mile High Report did in a few of it's predictions.Now I didn't include all the final data, just a few that stuck out in retrospect.

Pre-Season poll asking which off-season move was best:
- Willis McGahee signing 37% (!st)
- Re-signing Matt Prater 34%(2nd)
- Trading Gaffney for Jarmon 14% (3rd)

These make sense except for the Gaff trade, which actually went down as one of the biggest mistakes of the season

Pre-Season record predictions:

- Below 8-8 48%
- 8-8 16%
- Above 8-8 36%

Not bad MHR, not too bad.

Weakest link in the 2011 team:
- Defensive lineman 46% (1st)
- Special teams 14% (2nd)
- Defensive backs 2% (last)

Considering ST's and defensive lineman were two of the stronger squads this past season and defensive backs was the weakest, or among the weakest, squad this season.

If you had to hire any coach to coach a new team, who'd you choose:
- Bill Belicheck 27% (1st)
- Mike Tomlin 23% (2nd)
- Tom Coughlin (last)

If take into account we beat the 2nd highest voted coach in the playoffs and the 1st and last placed coaches went to the Super Bowl, and the last place coach won, guess it's true when people say Coughlin really doesn't get any respect.

Now the Poll:

Well with that little bit out of the way, let's get to the poll. Now in the off-season there are two key phases, free agency and the draft. Now each fans, coach and GM looks at these phases differently, using each phase to solve different problems on the team. So this is going to be a two-part question, today's question will ask what position do you want addressed in the draft, and keep in mind, next Wednesday we will ask what position you would want addressed in free agency. So if you want both a running back and defensive back, but you want a young running back in the draft and a veteran defensive back in free agency, you'll vote running back today and defensive back next week.

Good luck everyone.