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Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow Wins GMC Never Say Never Award

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Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has won the GMC Never Say Never award after he and the Broncos finished with a tie for the NFL record with six victories when not leading heading into the fourth quarter.

Call it Mile High Magic, Tebow magic, Tebowmania, or whatever you must call it, but one thing is for sure--the Denver Broncos had a heck of a run from the moment that guy became the quarterback, including a six game winning streak and an improbable victory over reigning AFC Champion Pittsburgh in the first round of the playoffs.

Tebow and the Broncos won a handful of Never Say Never awards throughout the course of the season, so Tebow was probably expected to run away with this award.

As an aside, the "never say never" award is really representative of Tebow and his road to the NFL and his career thus far. Guys like Todd McShay said he'd never be a starter in the league, Merril Hoge said he was the worst QB in history, and pretty much nobody thought he'd be a first round pick. Then, when he proved everyone wrong and became a starting quarterback, he didn't put up the best numbers and definitely looked like a raw, under-developed quarterback at times but he made some plays that Broncos fans will never forget.

He is entrenched as a superstar in sports and an icon around the globe. Some people might not like what he represents but there is no denying that Tebow is a special person and athlete.