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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - Super Bowl Hangover: 2/6/12


Good morning MHR. There isn't any Broncos News on the horizon today, being as it is the first day of the 2012 Offseason. The Horse Tracks format while change slightly to reflect that, with more Free Agent and Draft articles coming to the fore. I will try to keep a handle on the news of interesting players that appear in the comments. If there are oversights by me, hit me up with what you would like to see covered in the news.

Giants Win Super Bowl Thriller Against Patriots -
The New York Giants reclaimed the greatest prize in North American sports with a nail-biting 21-17 Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Eli Manning Wins 2nd Super Bowl MVP Award -
Eli Manning is elite, for sure. A king of comebacks, too. And far, far more than Peyton's little brother now.

Roger Goodell speaks of a Pro Bowl mercy killing | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
There were boos at this year's Pro Bowl, which is not something you want at the festive, care-free celebration of the best your league has to offer. - Goodell criticizes quality of Pro Bowl
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he is disappointed in the quality of last week's Pro Bowl and changes must be considered, perhaps even dropping the game altogether.


Video — Eli Manning on Peyton: ‘It’s not for bragging rights’ | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
There's been a lot of talk about what another Super Bowl win would do for Eli Manning's legacy -- would it vault him above older brother Peyton in the pro football Pantheon? Eli spoke with Kurt Warner on the NFL Network this week about the sense of competition between the two brothers.

Denver Broncos News

Denver high schools eagerly awaiting Luke Del Rio's decision - The Denver Post
Not long after Jack Del Rio accepted the Broncos' defensive coordinator job late last month, the phone call that David Hess had been expecting arrived.

Personnel Department in Preparation Mode «
With the Senior Bowl and other college all-star games in the rearview mirror, General Manager Brian Xanders and the rest of the personnel staff have their sights set on the NFL Scouting Combine.


Eli's Elite, for Sure, After 2nd Super Bowl MVP -
Back in August, back before the season began, Eli Manning was asked whether he considered himself an "elite" quarterback a la Tom Brady.

Eli Steps Out of Brother's Shadow With Second Super Bowl -
Eli Manning has long been used to living in the shadow of his older brother Peyton. Comparisons between the two quarterbacks began long before he even made it to the National Football League.

Mannings Draw Inspiration From Father, but Find Success With Arms -
When Peyton Manning was a young teenager, he came upon some old films of his father playing college football. He asked Archie Manning to put them on the family television.

Advanced NFL Stats: Super Bowl 46 Analysis
This became a really interesting game in the final two minutes. - Records set in Super Bowl XLVI
The following are the records that were set or tied in Super Bowl XLVI, as compiled by the Elias Sports Bureau.

Super Bowl: Tom Brady's poise eludes New England QB at bad time -
We will remember the dramatic final play of the Giants' 21-17 victory Sunday in Super Bowl XLVI, the way a diving Rob Gronkowski came within a foot of catching Tom Brady's desperation heave that would have won the game for the Patriots. Like a prayer indeed. Blogs " Blog Archive The fine art of securing Super Bowl tickets "
As I’m walking down West Street on my way to Lucas Oil Stadium, a man approaches me and offers $20 for my gameday press pass. Blogs " Blog Archive Super Bowl XLVI definitely ranks in top three of title games "
People asked the question as soon as Tom Brady‘s last-gasp pass hit the turf: Where does Giants 21, Patriots 17 rank among all 46 Super Bowls?

Super Bowl XLVI makes the podium | First-and-Orange
Of the almost two dozen Super Bowls I’ve had the good fortune to have covered through the years, Sunday’s 21-17 Giants victory made the top three.

Coin toss is the best stat in NFL Super Bowl history | First-and-Orange
This stat blew me away.

Hosts: Super Bowl will bring Katrina closure to New Orleans
Local officials hope the arrival of Super Bowl XLVII next February will finally allow the Big Easy to breathe easy again.

Super Bowl 2012 -- Commercials cost average of $3.5M - ESPN
The pressure was on. The tension was thick. And then, there were yawns in between.

The buzziest Super Bowl ads of 2012 | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Super Bowl advertisements run around $3.5 million for a 30 second spot. So it was no surprise to see companies go all out, whether they went for comedy or played it straight. - Super Bowl ads battle for championship
Forget the battle between the Giants and the Pats. The real Super Bowl showdown is between advertisers.

Offseason, Free Agency and the 2012 Draft news: Way we see it, it'll be Packers-Giants to kick off 2012 season
While the New York Giants celebrate their victory in Super Bowl XLVI, putting a cap on the 2011 season, we turn our attention to the 2012 opener on Sept. 6.

Hall of Fame ballot will be crowded in 2013 | ProFootballTalk
Saturday was a tough day for those who just missed out on election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

NFL Evolution - Health & Safety
How did a bunch of guys chasing a round ball through some mud evolve into America's favorite sport? Take a walk through the evolution of the game at the NFL's new interactive website.

Source: Peyton will play in 2012, probably not for Colts | ProFootballTalk
Get used to seeing Colts quarterback Peyton Manning in a uniform other than the one worn by the Colts. Per a source close to Manning, the long-time Indy starter will play in 2012. The source also has predicted that Peyton eventually will be the comeback player of the year next season.

Redskins considering Peyton, Flynn, Orton | ProFootballTalk
The Washington Redskins had two quarterbacks who played in 2011: Rex Grossman and John Beck.

Peyton is willing be flexible on his next deal, but will he need to be? | ProFootballTalk
If/when (when) the Colts decide not to pay Peyton Manning another $28 million on or before March 8, the question becomes the amount of money that will be required to get him under contract with a new team.

Junior prospects on the rise | National Football Post
Underclassmen who could move up draft boards with strong post-seasons.