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KB Rant: Tim Tebow, Maria Menounos, Super Bowl, and Knowshon Moreno

And just like that, the season is over. With the Super Bowl just coming to a close and a full 45 minutes since I last read or watched a Tim Tebow story, now's the perfect time for another KB Rant.

Let the offseason drama begin. No, there's no slipping on a McDonalds wrapper or domestic assault, today... just a DUI and "flirting". I have a feeling we'll be seeing more and more stories about what Tim Tebow is doing as the offseason drags on. Is he throwing the football in an indoor practice facility or Tebowing with gorgeous television personalities? Did he chew his nails or pop his knuckles? And on and on and on...

It's getting ridiculous.

Didn't it seem like just yesterday when we were making season predictions and gobbling down daily morsels of Kirk Davis' Training Camp coverage? My, oh my, has this season flown by... We thought Tebow mania was bad before Tim was the starter, but I don't think we've seen anything yet. Back then, we were still talking about Kyle Orton. Looking back on everything, though, seems like it was all just a blur. We benched Kyle Orton, cut him, rode a winning streak with Tim Tebow at the helm, won a playoff game and were blown out by the Patriots before I could bat an eye.

With that in mind, I think it's time to rant.

Let's start with Tim Tebow's love life. (rolls eyes) Don't worry, we'll get to the DUI talk in a little while.

Tim Tebow Should Date (blank)

Please, stop.

I can't tell you how much chatter I've seen on twitter about who Tebow should date (Katy Perry, Maria Menounos, Lindsay Vonn, my friend's sister, etc.). Of course, they say "should", as if people outside of Tim Tebow's personal circle would know what's best for the 24 year old quarterback.

Come on, people. Back off and let Tim Tebow be Tim Tebow. If he wants to date, fine. If not, fine. It's his life.

With that said, if we're so forward about interjecting our opinions, what say we consider the consequences? How about looking at the future Hall of Fame quarterback, Tom Brady. He met his wife, Gisele, in late 2006. How many Super Bowl rings does he have before meeting her? 3. How many Super Bowl rings did he earn since then? 0.

I'm not saying that the correlation is the causation, here, but I will say that if you believe Tim Tebow should eliminate distractions and also date (insert name here), then you're talking out both sides of your mouth.

Oh, and another thing... what's with the public statements from Gisele? Throwing the teammates of your husband is never warranted. Never. Would you like if your husband or wife called your boss and told them off? Absolutely not.

And then I was presented with this link. What do I have to say about that? Um... okay. He can "Tebow" with whoever he wants. He's 24 years old. It shouldn't be worldbreaking when he gets down on a knee (to pray). Although, I could see how earthshattering it may seem to a young lady who had hopes of capturing the attention of the young Tebow. Sorry ladies... maybe the Maria Menounos thing won't work out? The power of positive thinking (or prayer).

After this playful invitation, Tebow reportedly got down on one knee and tebowed with Maria Menounos. Apparently, it was the first time he has ever "tebowed" with anyone else. I find that hard to believe. If he has ever been in the presence of a church congregation, he has prayed with other people around.

Oh well. On to the next thing.

Super Bowl XLVI

I was worried. I thought for sure that the Patriots would roll over the Giants. Especially when they scored on the opening drive of the second half. The Giants were burned a few times early when their linebackers had to go in one on one pass protection against the Patriots tight ends or Wes Welker. Then they switched to a zone and were willing to be killed by a thousand cuts. Fortunately, that's when the Giants' front 4 took over. Tom Brady looked like he could have used a few classes from the Tim Tebow school of scrambling.

Aside from the halftime show and the postgame Gisele comments, the Super Bowl was pretty entertaining. It was a real football game with real football drama. I'm amazed that Ahmad Bradshaw failed to go to a knee. I'm shocked that Wes Welker dropped the ball. I'm completely overjoyed that the referees didn't ruin the game.

It was a great night for football. Congratulations to the Giants and their fans on a wonderful season. Hopefully, the Broncos will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy this time next year.

Knowshon Moreno

Free Agency is a little bit more than a month away. I'm interested to see, in the coming weeks, what we plan on doing with guys like Knowshon Moreno. If you ask me, I say cut him immediately. I feel the same way that I did when Chris Simms was found driving a vehicle while stoned. It's an unbelievably selfish act and I'm saddened that it happened.

Knowshon should be held accountable and should be cut, in my opinion. For all the hooplah that Roger Goodell and the NFL raise over players illegally hitting other players, I think that arrests should be punished much more so. DUIs should be high on the list. Not only are you putting your own life in danger, you put the lives of others in danger.

I thought the days of arrests were gone when Brandon Marshall and Perrish Cox left. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Knowshon Moreno wins the award for first NFL player arrested in the 2012 offseason. I hope he's the last, as well.