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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 3/1/12


Welcome to March - In like a Lion, out like a Lamb. Kind of like going for a Colonoscopy -- Red Green

Tim Tebow: Chicago Bears running back Kahlil Bell working out with Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow - WGN
The Chicago Bears running back bumped into a familiar face while working out at his former school, UCLA: Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, the man partly responsible for the Bears' most gut-wrenching loss of 2011.

Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift seen on dinner date | is the website for KDVR Television, FOX 31 News in Denver, Colorado
Speculation is running rampant after Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and country music superstar Taylor Swift were seen eating dinner together in Los Angeles this week.

Broncos have been trying for years to upgrade their defensive line - The Denver Post
Don't be surprised that the Broncos need to upgrade their defensive line. John Elway isn't. news: Broncos' Thomas testifies Cox carried sleeping woman to bed
Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas testified Wednesday at the sexual assault trial of former teammate Perrish Cox, testimony that reportedly caused the attorney for the former cornerback to request a mistrial.

Denver Broncos Videos Blogs " Blog Archive Young Packers fan a combine star in training "
Grace Trautner doesn’t have the measurables one would expect from a prospect at the NFL Scouting Combine. Of course, she’s 3 years old, so she has time to catch up with the field.

Tim Tebow Seeking Attention? - ESPN Video - ESPN
Rob Parker, Skip Bayless debate the friendship between Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin.

Manning A Fit With Jets? - ESPN Video - ESPN
Herm Edwards explains why the Jets need to stick with Mark Sanchez, and move away from Peyton Manning.

Robert Griffin III In Demand - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter discusses teams interested in trading with the Rams to draft Robert Griffin III with the No. 2 overall pick.

Recapping the Combine | ProFootballTalk
As draft analysts go, former Vikings player Corey Chavous of has a very high ceiling.

Denver Broncos Blogs

The tangled web: Perrish Cox, Demaryius Thomas, Wesley Woodyard | First-and-Orange
Boys will be boys. And boys like girls.

Possible Broncos QB dilemma: Tall Brock Osweiler in second round or not THAT short Kellen Moore in fourth? | First-and-Orange
Within the 15 to 20 new players the Broncos will acquire through free agency and the draft over the next two months, they must make hundreds, if not a thousand decisions. - After setbacks, 2011 rookies ready to make another go of it
In the days following the NFL draft, coaches, general managers and other front-office executives for all 32 teams like to discuss how great their incoming class of rookies is.

2012 cap number expected "very soon" | ProFootballTalk
On Tuesday, we pointed out that the salary cap number for 2012 could be lower than expected. Our best guess, currently, is that it will be flat in comparison to 2011.

Division News

Does Hines Ward fit in the AFC West? - AFC West Blog - ESPN
The Steelers have announced that they will release receiver Hines Ward. I don’t think there will be great AFC West interest in him, but I could see San Diego being interested in adding the reliable veteran on a short-term deal.

AFC West mock draft: Take II - AFC West Blog - ESPN
25. Denver Broncos, DT Fletcher Cox, Mississippi State: There are some high-quality defensive tackles in this draft and Cox is one of them. He had a strong combine and if he is available, Denver would jump to draft him. He’d be a strong addition to an improving defense. Blogs " Blog Archive Playbook: Chiefs need to keep (or replace) Bowe "
The Chiefs might be hanging just outside of the top 10 of the 2012 NFL Draft, but unlike most teams atop the board, they are only a few pieces away from competing within their division. - Chiefs sign WR Markshausen
The Chiefs announced on Wednesday that they have signed free-agent WR Zeke Markshausen.

Raiders can clear plenty of cap space, quickly | ProFootballTalk
The news that the Raiders have $145 million in salary cap commitments for 2012 was surprising, for a couple of reasons. First, no one really knew where the Raiders were in relation to the cap. Second, the results don’t mesh with the notion that the Raiders have a high-end team.

A Deeper Look at the Stabler Hall of Fame Debate -
From 1968 to 1975, the Oakland Raiders played in six A.F.L./A.F.C. title games and lost each one of them to the eventual Super Bowl champion.

Former Colts Exec Polian Joins ESPN as NFL Analyst -
Former Colts Vice Chairman Bill Polian has joined ESPN as an NFL analyst.

NFL Combine

2012 NFL Combine Results – Predicting Potential or Avoiding Risk? |
So I’m assuming that most football fans that are finding their way to The Football Educator are going to look at the game with a bit more of a discretionary eye than the casual beer drinking, pom pom waving, popcorn throwing variety.

Reaction To The Inside The League NFL Scouting Combine Event - Sports Agent Blog
I went to Indianapolis with several goals: listen to Josh Luchs, network with NFL teams/other agents, and to try and stay awake during NFLPA Agent seminar. I got into Indianapolis just in time to attend Neil Stratton’s Inside The League Event where he had 2 guest speakers scheduled.

Is it time to rethink the Combine? | National Football Post
Some NFL coaches and personnel evaluators are open to substantial change.

2012 NFL Combine: Top Performers "
Last week we wrote about the media availability portion of the Combine, and now that the drills have been completed, we have all of the on-field results to share.

NFL Combine: Offensive Risers | National Football Post
Who helped themselves the most with their workout?

The Predictive Value of the N.F.L. Combine -
Now that the strange excitement that grips the N.F.L. world during the scouting combine is over, it’s worth asking whether what we saw really mattered.

Free Agency and the Draft

Friday could be franchise tag day | ProFootballTalk
With five days remaining until the window for applying the franchise tag closes, no player has been on the receiving end of a pair of multi-million-dollar handcuffs. news: Report: Jets 'a strong contender' to add QB Henne
Once you get beyond Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn, the presumed free-agent quarterback pool is extremely shallow.

Redskins plan to sign a high-profile receiver | ProFootballTalk
The Washington Redskins never hesitate to spend big in free agency, and this year they appear set to devote significant money to the wide receiver position. - Free-agent scouting report: Ravens OG Ben Grubbs
The Ravens will be busy trying to secure some of their core players for the long term. - Free-agent scouting report: Falcons CB Brent Grimes
After playing on a one-year, $2.61 million restricted free-agent tender last season, Grimes, who will turn 29 in July, is due to become an unrestricted free agent

Alabama prospects Upshaw and Kirkpatrick don’t wow at Combine | ProFootballTalk
We’ve talked a lot about the standouts at the just-completed NFL Scouting Combine, but what players may have hurt their stock?

Panthers keeping an eye on Janoris Jenkins | ProFootballTalk
Morris Claiborne is the top cornerback in this draft class. There is a perceived big drop to the second spot at the position in April, but perhaps there won’t be such a big gap between Claiborne and the next man up on draft day.

After trading down, Rams may target Morris Claiborne | ProFootballTalk
The Rams are all but certain to trade out of the No. 2 pick in the NFL draft and receive extra selections from some team that wants Robert Griffin III. - Not the draft for immediate help in slowing down the spread
Robert Griffin III faced the same question that all spread quarterbacks have received over the years about playing out of the shotgun,