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UPDATE: Sources Say 95% Chance Manning Is Bronco; Contacted Broncos Tonight

The talk for the most coveted free agent in a very long time looks to be wrapping up within the next day or so. After spending the day with the Bronco management on Friday, Manning spent about six hours with Arizona on Sunday.

Everyone is expecting Peyton Manning to make his decision sometime Monday evening, the night before league-wide free agency begins for the rest of the league.

However, things are starting to become really interesting as this starts to wind down. Both sides media members seem to think Manning is there's but something new came out from a pretty reliable source out of Denver.

Vic Lombardi of CBS Denver tweeted tonight that according to multiple sources he has, that he has found out the following:

Again, sources telling me Broncos are still the favorites. Tells me 80%. Not my number, the source's number. Source hasn't been wrong yet.
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Lombardi also clarified that the only true source is Manning himself and that all this is guessing. Either way, there is never a boring off-season at Dove Valley.


Just heard from my peoples. Broncos now 95% confident he'll sign with Denver. Their number, not mine.
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Later in the evening, a tweet from Lombardi now says Broncos are 95% sure they will sign Manning. Again, nothing is confirmed until the real source, Manning, says so. But Lombardi later said that they are confident because Manning contacted Broncos tonight. However, other reports say they can confirm that they did not talk to Manning on Sunday.........Going to be a fun week.

Updates when they come!