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NFL Salary Cap: Broncos Set To Begin Free Agency With Plenty To Spend

We interrupt your Peyton Manning coverage to talk about the NFL Salary Cap and just where the Denver Broncos fit in. We knew the Broncos would have plenty of room - it's the only reason they can 'afford' to every talk with a free agent like Manning - but now we know exactly how much.

Earlier in the day, the NFL finally released the cap number for 2012. Each team has $120.6 million to play with. There was also the available carry-over - which the Broncos used - that allowed teams to bring any unused cap space from 2011 into the 2012 year.

So what can the Broncos do? Plenty. ProFootballTalk released a team-by-team list of what every team has available heading into Free Agency on Tuesday at 2:00PM mt. The numbers below are on the 2012 unadjusted cap of $120.6 million, including any 2011 carryover, adjustments, and franchise tenders.

Here's a look at the AFC West:

Denver Broncos - $44.7 million

Kansas City Chiefs - $32.5 million

San Diego Chargers - $14.9 million

Oakland Raiders - $7.4 million OVER (The Raiders have some work to do...)

Only the Cincinnati Bengals have more to spend than the Broncos($49.9 million). If the Broncos can get Peyton Manning into the fold, expect plenty of cash to follow to other available free agents.