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NFLPA Releases Statement On D.J. Williams, Ryan McBean Suspensions

The NFLPA released a statement this morning regarding the 6-game suspensions handed out to Broncos' linebacker D.J. Williams and defensive lineman Ryan McBean:

"The NFLPA is disappointed by the decisions in the cases of Ryan McBean and D.J. Williams. Despite substantial evidence of breaches in the collection protocol and other procedural irregularities, the NFL decided to punish these players without judicious review of the facts. The League-appointed hearing officer then affirmed the discipline, even though the specimen collector was fired by his agency for not following procedures. The NFL also failed to produce the sample collector as a witness during the players' appeals hearing.

"The NFLPA and NFL have been negotiating a new and comprehensive Substances of Abuse and Steroids policies. The facts in these two cases, and in recent cases in other sports, dramatically underscore the players' insistence to have independent, neutral arbitrators as part of any future policy. We will continue to fight for a fair, clean and safe game."

Williams and McBean have already stated they plan to take the NFL to Federal Court over the suspensions.