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Bud Adams Offers Peyton Manning 'Contract For Life'

Who needs 4 years, $90 million when you can have a contract for life? That's what Tennessee Titan's owner Bud Adams claims he offered Peyton Manning on Wednesday while Manning was in Nashville visiting with Titans' officials.

According to, Adams thinks Tennessee would be the perfect place for Manning to end up given his history at the University of Tennessee, and the admiration the state still feels for Manning.

Asked about his team's chances, Adams replied that he 'felt great'. Adams lives in Houston and was the one who moved the Oilers to Tennessee in the mid-90's.

Manning spent over 7-hours with head coach Mike Munchak and other team officials before getting back on a plane and heading to Raleigh, NC where he has been the past couple days. Where all this goes now is anyone's guess with sources claiming Manning may take through the weekend to make a decision.

One suggestion for Manning, however. Pat Bowlen had once said that Mike Shanahan had a contract for life. That ended a bit prematurely.