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Movement On The Manning Front? Plane Heading To Raleigh

I'll be honest. I feel a bit dirty tracking planes. But, since Peyton Manning is making us all wait, and no one really appears to know what is going on, I feel I'm left with no choice. So tracking planes is what I'll do.

A plane tied to the Broncos and Pat Bowlen, the same plane that took John Elway and John Fox to Stillwater, OK last week, the same plane that traveled to Miami to pick up Peyton Manning last week - the same plane that is NOW scheduled to fly to Raleigh, NC this morning. Manning has been in North Carolina visiting with Duke coach David Cutcliffe and was picked up and dropped off from North Carlina when he visited the Tennessee Titans.

What do we make of this? Everything? Nothing? Who knows, but something is better than nothing. If you want to keep tabs on the flight yourself, head HERE. It is scheduled to leave Centennial at 8:31am mt.

UPDATE: 9:49AM et - Jeff Darlington is reporting that Peyton Manning personally contacted the Miami Dolphins on Thursday to inform the team he would not be taking his talents to South Beach.

UPDATE: 10:08AM et - Peyton Manning will work out for the John Elway, Broncos today at Duke University. Reportedly 'part of the process'.