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Peyton Manning To Work Out For Denver Broncos Friday

Ya know that plane I was telling you about? Now we know why it is headed to Raleigh, NC. Peyton Manning, who is working out at Duke University, will hold a workout for John Elway and Pat Bowlen Friday afternoon, in what some are calling 'part of the process' as the quarterback decides where he will continue his Hall of Fame career.

The Broncos traveling party includes Executive VP John Elway, Head Coach John Fox, Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy, QB coach Adam Gase, GM Brian Xanders and a medical team.

The Broncos are also hosting a couple of defensive free agents visiting the Broncos later today - Jameel McClain and Marcus Trufant.

It appears that it is a two-horse race for Manning with the Broncos and Tennessee Titans battling it out. Reports say that Manning personally contacted the Miami Dolphins on Thursday to inform the team he would not be signing with them, and the Arizona Cardinals appear to be on life support. The clock is ticking on Arizona as well, with a decision due on a $7 million roster bonus to quarterback Kevin Kolb due later today.

Time will tell if this is just 'part of the process' or something more. Stay tuned...