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Tim Tebow Trade is "Almost Back to Square One"

Robby Tebow says that trade negotiations for his brother Tim Tebow are "almost back to square one".

According to a report on CBS, Robby and Tim thought the trade to the Jets "was signed, sealed and delivered". The Jets, however, forgot contract rule number 1... read the contract before agreeing to the terms.

Robby Tebow says "Apparently, they didn't read the fine print."

This news makes a wild story turn into an unbelievable one. Just a week ago, fans across the NFL waited as Peyton Manning narrowed his choices. He eventually signed with the Denver Broncos and was introduced Tuesday. Almost 24 hours, on the dot, news surfaced that the Jets had traded a 4th and 6th round pick for Tim Tebow and the Broncos 7th round pick. The Tim Tebow Era was over in Denver... but then it wasn't. The Jets got cold feet when they actually read the contract and saw that they would have to pay the Broncos $5 million to complete the trade.

Currently, negotiations are resuming between the Broncos, Jets and Jaguars. Maybe the Jaguars can capitalize on the Jets' mistake and steal Tim Tebow right from under their noses.