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Is Mike Wallace The Last Missing Piece?

The Broncos really have changed the entire shape of the organization in the last couple weeks. Who would of thought, that after a playoff win with one of the most exciting plays in Bronco history, Peyton Manning would be our starting quarterback going into week 1 of 2012.

With Peyton Manning comes a lot of expectations. Rightfully so, the Broncos will be expected to win the AFC West again and probably further. This team won a playoff game with a less talented quarterback, it has to be possible to win more with arguably the G.O.A.T. right?

We all know there are pieces missing on this team. I myself do not expect us to make the Super Bowl this season, I just do not think we are quite there yet even with Peyton Manning. I do like some of the moves we made so far.

Caleb Hannie for me is not something worth discussing a whole lot, not because I do not like him, but because I hope we do not have to see him play for sixteen plus games. Capable back-up but not a take-over after Manning guy. I have never been a huge Tracy Porter fan but I think as a number two, he is an upgrade over the aging Andre Goodman. I am happy with the tight end improvement but was surprised to see us bring in two because I am wondering where the direction is going at that position. Both of the tight ends brought in are very capable of catching the ball so where does our mega-athlete who impressed in camp last year Julius Thomas fit in?

I think the Broncos are close, and it has to be fixed in a short window of seasons because today is Manning's birthday. (Am I the only one who still has not had it sink in yet that Manning is our quarterback?)

There is a certain Steelers receiver that will come at a price but would be one of the last missing piece on offense for this team.

As it sits right now I am not comfortable with the receiving group on this team. I feel Andre Caldwell is the Eddie Royal replacement, Eric Decker is a slot guy and Demaryius Thomas is coming into his own but I feel we do not have a true number one yet.

Is Mike Wallace worth ditching our first round pick for?

Lets put money aside for one second. Manning has always had a deep threat receiver. He had Marvin Harrison and then Reggie Wayne. Is Mike Wallace going to be those guys? The comparison is hard because Wallace is a speed guy like Terrell Owens but my point is that Wallace would give us a weapon for the inside receivers to open up instead of the safeties closing in. Mike Wallace is a RFA and has a first round tender on him meaning if we signed him to an offer sheet, Pittsburgh would have the opportunity to match it, or he goes to us and we give Pittsburgh our first round pick.

Last season, Wallace had 72 catches, 1193 yards and 8 touchdowns including one for 95 yards. Wallace was selected to the pro bowl and burnt a lot of teams for deep plays. It gives us that speed threat we do not have right now.

I would be all for it if it was not for one big thing. Wallace is demanding more than the eight year, $120 million that Larry Fitzgerald got. Wallace is not Fitzgerald.

If we could get Wallace for cheaper than that, than I would be all for it. Probably more on the line of five year $50 million.

Would you sacrifice a first round pick for Wallace?