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Peyton Manning Continues Rehab, Ingesting Playbook

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Peyton Manning's work ethic as a quarterback in the NFL is the stuff of legend. In fact, I've always felt that it was Manning himself that led Mike Shanahan to draft Jay Cutler in 2006 after Shanny spent Pro Bowl week with Manning after the Broncos were defeated by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2005 AFC Championship Game. Film study, private workouts with teammates and getting it done in the gym have all long been trademarks of Manning.

Now that he is a Denver Bronco, Manning is picking up right where he left off.

In an interview on 104.3 The Fan, Manning admits he has yet to leave Denver since signing with the Broncos last week.

"I’ve pretty much been sleeping over here at the complex the past week and an half trying to study this playbook and trying to get on the same page as these receivers…I haven’t left here since I signed last Tuesday. I plan on being here all off season."

What Manning cannot do for now is work out formally with coaches at the Broncos facility. The NFL's new offseason rules - as part of the new CBA - won't allow that to happen until early May, but that doesn't mean work can't done in the informal sessions Manning has had with center J.D. Walton, receiver Eric Decker and tight end Julius Thomas and John Elway knows it's an important step in the process.

"He's gotta get used to those guys, and the receivers have to get used to Peyton," Elway said. "So there are a lot of things when it comes to the timing that they can get done on their own. Peyton's gonna head that up, and get those guys together. Because we can't do it at the complex, it makes it a little more difficult, but Peyton's all about getting with those guys now and getting to know them."

For now, the Broncos have plenty of time to wait and Manning has plenty of time to study the playbook and continue his rehab, and get back to the routine of football that he missed so much during the 2011 season.

"It's great to have him there, and obviously he's full of knowledge," Elway told NFL Network. "But he's still going through his rehab process and working hard. With the new rules, we can only do so much, but he's working hard on rehabbing his arm. And he's been working out, throwing with the guys, and that's the kind of guy he is. He's got our playbook, so he's had his head in the playbook trying to learn, and kind of combine what he's used and what we do."