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NFL Announces Multiple Rule Changes

The NFL announced several rules changes for the 2012 season as the Spring Owner's meetings wrapped up in Florida. here is a summary of what's new:


All games that go to overtime shall be decided now on the same rules as the playoffs. Two games last season went to overtime and were ended by a field goal on the first possession. Now, if a field goal is kicked on the first possession, the other team will receive the ball to either a) match it and give the ball back, or b) beat it with a touchdown for the win. However, if the team that starts with the ball scores a touchdown, then the game is instantly over and the other team does not receive a possession, just like we witnessed in the playoffs with the Demaryius Thomas touchdown.


Last season, all touchdowns were to be reviewed automatically with no coaches challenge needed. The league has now added all turnovers to that list.


All too many penalties will now be whistled down as soon as the play starts instead of proceeding to finish the play. This was the result of the Giants having too many on the field when the Patriots were trying to tie the game.


Kicking a loose ball after the play will now result in a loss of down.


Crack-back blocks that are committed on players two yards outside of the tackle are now illegal.

Those are the new rules. Should any of them be different? Anything else you wish you would have seen?