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2012 MHR Community Mock Draft Sign Up and Information Guide

It's here.

The 2012 MHR Community Mock Draft is set to get underway here in the coming days, and you have a chance to be a GM for an NFL team. It's a first-come, first-served type of selection process, so put your desired team name in the subject headline of the comments section if you want to select for that team. The rules for this process are simple:

  • Two picks will be posted each day, starting April 2 at Noon et. Picks are due to me no later than 24 hours BEFORE the pick is due to be posted. For example, whoever is picking for the Colts will need their pick to me by April 1 at Noon et.
  • Keep it within the realm of realism. The Raiders do not have a first round pick, so don't go picking any kickers in this mock. Feel free to be creative with your picks, because that is sometimes what makes the draft so great.
  • When you e-mail me picks, e-mail me the player's name, position, and school, and give me about a paragraph reason why you made the pick.
  • Read through the comments before you claim a team. When you claim a team (if you are the first to do so) please leave your e-mail address in the comment box so I can get a hold of you. If you aren't first, don't sweat it, you might be called to pinch hit if I cannot get in touch with the original GM.
  • NO TRADES are permitted. It is a process that has been done before and becomes wildly complicated, so simply make your selection and maybe state in your reasoning that you might have liked to trade down for such and such a player.
  • Send all picks to
  • When all GM spots have been claimed, I will send an e-mail to the first two picks allowing the draft to start, and I will promptly notify the next GM on deck.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them to the staff! Happy Draftivus, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  1. Indianapolis (2-14) - Fear The Forehead
  2. Washington - from St. Louis (2-14) - CJFarls
  3. Minnesota (3-13) - jonmark93
  4. Cleveland (4-12) - DBroncs1414
  5. Tampa Bay (4-12) - coloradosportsfan55
  6. St. Louis - from Washington (5-11) - Broncos7Life
  7. Jacksonville (5-11) - SteveUK
  8. Miami (6-10) - Tony Astorino
  9. Carolina (6-10) - Oregon Crush
  10. Buffalo (6-10)- LiteUpThatHalo
  11. Kansas City (7-9 - sbhchawk
  12. Seattle (7-9) - ACKW1227
  13. Arizona (8-8) - Rob Burson
  14. Dallas (8-8) - rsterling
  15. Philadelphia (8-8) - GibsonV
  16. New York Jets (8-8) - Bronco Mike
  17. Cincinnati - from Oakland (8-8) - K-Lazz
  18. San Diego (8-8) - Broncologist
  19. Chicago (8-8) - pmmojo
  20. Tennessee (9-7) - zclayro
  21. Cincinnati* (9-7) - Vancezack
  22. Cleveland - from Atlanta* (10-6) - DBroncs1414
  23. Detroit* (10-6) - broncofan91
  24. Pittsburgh* (12-4) - mikebirty
  25. Denver* (8-8) - coffee
  26. Houston* (10-6) - Nelliott34
  27. New England - from New Orleans* (13-3) - crushsg
  28. Green Bay* (15-1) - Bronco Rob
  29. Baltimore* (12-4) - Eddie.Teach
  30. San Francisco* (13-3) - CorJackorange
  31. New England* (13-3) - crushsg
  32. New York Giants* (9-7) - John Coatney