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Willis McGahee Reacts to Denver Post Report That He Wants a Bigger Paycheck

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The Denver Post's Mike Klis reported that Willis McGahee recently fired his agent Drew Rosenhaus, along with a bunch of other NFL players, because he was "unhappy with his conract."

McGahee then went on Twitter and voiced his displeasure with the article from Klis:

I don't understand how you can write a article about a person without confirming if it's true about him/her
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McGahee neither confirmed nor denied the fact that he is looking for a new contract, so Klis simply wrote the column without confirming with McGahee himself was actually unhappy with his contract. McGahee did say that people were looking into his getting rid of Rosenhaus for "all the wrong reasons." The Pro Bowl running back was one of football's biggest bargains last year in free agency, signing for four years, $9.5 million.

Here is what Klis had to say on McGahee's situation:

While McGahee is not expected to hold out, his case for a new deal is based on making the Pro Bowl last season by leading the NFL's No. 1 rushing team with 1,199 yards and averaging 4.8 yards per carry. Given that production, McGahee's $2 million salary pales next to the expected running back franchise tag salary of about $7.7 million. At least nine NFL running backs average at least $5 million a year.

So, McGahee neither gave a hard confirmation of whether or not he wants a new deal, but he certainly deserves to be the top reference for such news that can make fans absolutely enraged with a player.