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What Should Broncos Need To See From Peyton Manning?

I want to settle something quickly here before going any further. Several people have frowned upon the 'speculation' regarding Peyton Manning and how we - and the media - are discussing it. Once it was all but confirmed that the Broncos were going to pursue Manning - and pursue him hard - it no longer was speculation. The Denver Broncos want to sign Peyton Manning, and it needs to be talked about. No matter what you want to happen - or the reasons - the possibility of Manning to the Broncos is a story, even though we are all pretty tired of the constant QB discussion the last 6 years.

That leads me to this. The Miami Dolphins are another team obviously interested in Manning's services. The question, however, is just what any team should want to see from Manning before actually signing him. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald lays it all out on how the Dolphins, or any team should handle the Manning Sweepstakes, including what to do about verifying Manning's health:

Do the Dolphins need to see Manning throw? I'm sorry but any general manager that accepts that 27-second video as proof Manning is good to go is committing personnel department malpractice. That video proves nothing. So the Dolphins have to ask themselves if they need to see Manning throw a route tree. They have to decided if they must see Manning throw a deep out from the opposite hash mark, a come back, a 9-route, etc...

You could easily input the name "Broncos" in for Dolphins. The same questions apply. What do YOU think the Broncos should look for. Should they make Manning throw? Perhaps Manning should have a 'Pro Day', much like a college prospect and show teams exactly what he can do. Or do you trust the doctors - and that 28 second video that leaked last week - that say Manning is 85-90%?

Hash it out in the comments.