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Report: Peyton Manning To Meet With John Elway, Broncos

No it's getting good. According to a report by Mike Sando, who blogs about the NFC West for ESPN, a plane that has been linked to the Broncos took an interested trip yesterday and today. The plane left Denver on Thursday and headed to Stillwater, OK. That would make sense because the Broncos' brass is in Oklahoma attending Oklahoma State's Pro Day.

Here's where it gets interesting, and I'll let Sando tell it in his own words.

That same plane left Stillwater for Miami at 7:01 a.m. ET on Friday. The plane spent 72 minutes on the ground before heading back to Stillwater, where it was scheduled to land at 2:11 p.m. ET.

Peyton Manning has a home in Miami. What was the plane doing there?

Well, according to Mike Klis, Manning and John Elway will meet in Denver, TONIGHT, to discuss Manning joining the Broncos. That would mean the Broncos are the first team to host Manning, unless you consider the Dolphins have met with him as well considering the close proximity.

Is a plane carrying Peyton Manning to Stillwater in the air right now? Stay Tuned!