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D.J. William's, Virgil Green Release Statements: Accusation of "Unjust Suspension" May Have Merit

Williams camp responded promptly to the NFL release regarding his suspension, releasing a statement through his agent Mitch Frankel. D.J., of course, maintains his innocence and says what is expected, including that he is "proud of the way in which I conduct myself as a professional athlete and citizen."

Of interest is that his camp believes that the compromised urine sample was proven conclusively to be the fault of the NFL's handlers, and that this was settled at the hearing on the matter. Further:

"In fact, the specimen collector was fired by the NFL after compromising my specimen as well as others’. The hearing officer, an NFL executive, ignored the NFL’s own Policy, engaged in inappropriate communications with top NFL officials about this matter without my knowledge or approval, corrupted the system, ignored that my specimen had been compromised, and now has subjected me to humiliation as well as suspension."

The emphasis is mine, and if true, Williams, and others, may indeed have a leg to stand on if they decide to fulfill the threat of a lawsuit.

The lawsuit would be executed at the federal level, if pursued.

Virgil Green also released a statement to Josina Anderson, and indicated that the positive result was not from a PED as implicated by the league, but an ADHD medication he took prior to getting an exemption from the league.

Green says he has since gotten the required exemption for the prescribed medication. I find it very surprising that such an infraction merited a 4 game suspension.

UPDATE: Not my cup of tea, but ProFootballTalk is suggestingthat any lawsuit would accuse the league of delaying the suspensions in order not to disrupt a "tebowmania" playoff run... Click link at your own risk.